Psaki says Biden’s dogs will return to White House following ‘biting incident’ that caused ‘minor injury’

The White House has clarified an incident that occurred earlier this week involving the Biden family’s younger dog, Major.

According to the Washington Examiner, Press Secretary Jen Psaki said Tuesday that the president’s dogs would be headed back to the White House from Delaware after First Lady Jill Biden returns to Washington from a trip later this week.

Psaki said that earlier reports indicating the dogs had been sent away from the White House as a result of a so-called “biting incident” were false.

“Members of the family”

Speaking to reporters, Psaki said the injury that occurred Monday, when Major, a 3-year-old rescue dog, was “surprised by an unfamiliar person” and reacted, was “minor.”

“Champ and Major, the president and first lady’s dogs, members of the family, are still getting acclimated and accustomed to their new surroundings and new people,” Psaki said, according to the Examiner. “And on Monday, the first family’s younger dog, Major, was surprised by an unfamiliar person and reacted in a way that resulted in a minor injury to the individual, which was handled by the White House medical unit with no further treatment needed.”

The dogs’ trip to Delaware was “previously planned” because of Jill Biden’s travel plans, Psaki clarified.

“She has a three-day trip this week, and the dogs will return to the White House soon,” the press secretary said, noting that family friends are taking care of the dogs while they are in Delaware, according to the New York Post.

The dogs moved into the White House right after President Joe Biden was inaugurated. According to the Washington Examiner, Major was adopted in November 2018 to be a companion for 13-year-old Champ. The then-incoming president suffered a broken foot in December and said it occurred when he was chasing Major to grab his tail, ostensibly playfully.

Adding a cat?

Psaki also responded to questions Tuesday about the Biden family’s previously announced plan to add a cat to their menagerie of pets sometime in the near future.

“Where is the cat? Today is a good day for the cat,” Psaki said, as the Examiner reported. “I don’t have any update on the cat. We know the cat will break the internet, but I don’t have any update on its status.”

Psaki’s comments referred to the intense media interest in the Bidens’ dogs around the time of his inauguration.

Of course, pets make for a socially acceptable distraction from what should be more pressing issues, like Joe Biden’s questionable mental capacity and the radical nature of his policies in just about every area.

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19 Responses

    1. Amen to that sandyj……….Dogs are way smarter than any DEM/RINO/LIB…..

      Quite sure that the agent that was bitten, did something to infuriate the dog, and am also sure that dog knows those bad people that are NOT dog lovers…THE DOG SURE DOES KNOW about those non-animal lovers…………..

    2. Sandyj…you are probably correct about ol’ “Sleepy Joe”….the “ho” is probably running things there more than “Joe”… far as the press secretary is concerned, BELIEVE NOTHING…press secretaries are no more than “commercial liars”…..

    3. Good point! So he is going to have two dogs and a cat. I guess he needs something to do since he can’t do the job he is supposed to be doing.

  1. Who cares about the dogs we have a dictator in the capital and we’re talking about the damn dogs really thats what we’re talking about illegals at the boarders communists trying to takeover freedom of the press and speech and our 2nd amendment rights an you talking dogs and cats come on man country run by communists

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  3. Been your dog–likely killed for biting–Joe likely had his nose a little far up the dogs butt and the dog reacted as dip said!!!

  4. It’s OK Folks, their teeth have been removed to mimic their Hero and their names will be changed so you won’t know if they’re the same K9’s. Transparency. Their names will be changed to “Border Collie” and “Hairy Legs”. Along with their Master, they’ve all had their shots and been Neutered. More shots to come only if they show signs old age. The Fence will come down now around the Capitol and you will be gummed all over if you enter illegally and put into Insect decorated Containers, which will cost you $1400 to get out of. Who said the Circus left town?

  5. Dogs are excellent judges of character. Owners are the ones that need muzzled. They were probably agitated by all the whining inside Fort Pelosi. They are probably fed better then the National Guard troops that were captured and incarcerated inside Nanci’s fairy tale fort.

  6. It’s really a sad situation that all the White House can talk about is dogs and cats when our country is in the shape that it is in and they just don’t care except for themselves and their cronies but remember GOD is still in control

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