DOJ asks court to give back access to seized Trump documents

The Justice Department is requesting access back to documents seized during the FBI’s raid of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home last month.

The department filed the request in the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta on Friday.

The request

“The court’s order hamstrings that investigation and places the FBI and Department of Justice … under a Damoclean threat of contempt,” the Justice Department noted in the filing.

“It also irreparably harms the government by enjoining critical steps of an ongoing criminal investigation and needlessly compelling disclosure of highly sensitive records, including to [Trump’s] counsel,” it added.

The concern

“The Justice Department’s filing Friday at the 11th Circuit makes clear that prosecutors continue to object strongly to any role for a special master in connection with potentially classified documents,” Politico reported.

“In addition, prosecutors suggest that a portion of one of Cannon’s orders directing that Trump’s lawyers be provided with copies of all the seized records is another improper intrusion on the Justice Department’s prerogatives,” the outlet added.

The request also comes after Trump’s filing for a special master to independently evaluate the seized documents was granted, pushing the reporting of the materials until the end of November, weeks after the midterm elections.

The controversial raid has led to criticism of both Trump and of the highly politicized move by the FBI.

The latest filing won’t help calm anger over the issue, but shows the Justice Department has no plans to work together with Trump’s legal team on the best solution.