DOJ: Trump should foot bill for special master review of materials seized in FBI raid

In the ongoing legal battle over the FBI’s raid of former President Donald Trump’s Florida estate comes news that the Department of Justice is attempting to force Trump to foot the bill for the yet-to-be-appointed special master charged with reviewing the materials seized in that search, as Mediaite reports.

The DOJ’s demand comes days after federal District Court Judge Aileen Cannon ruled in Trump’s favor on the argument that a special master should indeed be tapped to conduct a comprehensive review of the fruits of the raid that took place earlier this summer at the Mar-a-Lago resort.

Negotiations commence

In the wake of Cannon’s decision green-lighting the appointment of a special master, the Justice Department and lawyers for the former president have begun negotiating the terms under which such a process will occur, and though each side has presented preferred candidates for the job, several other outstanding issues remain.

Specifically, there is a dispute as to which side ought to bear the cost of the special master’s services in the matter, with the DOJ contending that Trump should pay all costs, and the former president indicating his belief that the tab ought to be split between the two parties.

The Justice Department outlined its stance in a filing last week, stating, “Plaintiff proposes to split evenly the professional fees and expenses of the Special Master and any professionals, support staff, and expert consultants engaged at the Master’s request.”

“The Government’s position,” the filing continued, “is that, as the party requesting the Special Master, Plaintiff should bear the additional expense of the Special Master’s work.”

Appeal forthcoming

The issue of which party should be responsible for the payment of fees related to the Special Master may ultimately be rendered moot, if the DOJ gets its way in a planned appeal of Cannon’s decision granting the appointment sought by Trump.

As The Hill reported, on Thursday, the DOJ filed a notice of its intent to appeal the outcome related to the special master, and the government also requested a partial stay of a ruling halting its access to and continued review of classified materials reportedly taken from the Trump estate during the search.

“Without a stay, the government and public also will suffer irreparable harm from the undue delay to the criminal investigation. Any delay poses significant concerns in the context of an investigation into the mishandling of classified records,” the DOJ filing argued.

Trump weighs in

In response to the DOJ’s notice of intent to appeal, the former president took to his Truth Social platform and lambasted the government’s latest gambit in its seemingly endless quest to remove him from the political arena once and for all.

Trump lamented that the Justice Department was “going to spend Millions of Dollars & vast amounts of Time & Energy, to appeal the Order on the ‘Raid of Mar-a-Lago Document Hoax,’ by a brilliant and courageous Judge whose words of wisdom rang true throughout our Nation.”

Though it remains to be seen who will prevail in the battle over the unprecedented, politically motivated raid on the home of a former president, it is apparent that Trump has no intention of backing down, and as millions of American voters continue to watch in astonishment the egregious abuses in which once-revered federal law enforcement agencies are engaged, the end result may be far from what administration goons expected or hoped.