Dominion Voting refuses to rule out defamation lawsuit against Trump over election claims

Dominion Voting Systems made headlines this week when it was revealed that the company launched a staggering, $1.6 billion lawsuit against cable news giant Fox News, for what Dominion says was an attempt to purposely spread election equipment-related conspiracy theories to drum up ratings.

The company managed to stay in the headlines over the weekend as a follow-up report indicated that the company might not stop with Fox News, suggesting that former President Donald Trump has been potentially targeted for an upcoming defamation lawsuit, according to the Washington Examiner

What’s going on?

The defamation lawsuit against Fox News, which was officially filed this week, received more than its fair share of attention from networks, such as CNN and MSNBC, who aren’t exactly known as allies of the former president, to put it lightly.

CNN’s chief media correspondent Brian Stelter asked Dominion attorney Stephen Shackelford if the company could eventually take legal action against the former president, given that he was one of the most influential spreaders of conspiracy theories that revolved around the allegation that Dominion Voting Systems machines were rigged to “steal” the election from him.

“We have not ruled out any potential defendants who participated in this defamation campaign,” Shackelford replied.

Shackelford wouldn’t go into any additional detail on who else might be named in future lawsuits and reiterated that at this point in time, they’re focused on winning the lawsuit against Fox News.

Fox News responded to the news of the lawsuit over the weekend, saying in a statement that the cable news network “will vigorously defend against this baseless lawsuit in court.”

Who else is getting sued?

Prior to the announcement of the Fox News defamation suit, Dominion Voting filed similar lawsuits against some of the president’s closest advisers and friends, including a $1.3 billion lawsuit against personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, who was prolific in spreading the conspiracy theory suggesting that Dominion helped rig the 2020 election results.

Adding to the list of defendants is MyPillow CEO and close Trump confidant Mike Lindell, who was served earlier this year with a $1 billion defamation lawsuit, as Dominion Voting charged Lindell with playing an influential role in damaging the company with claims that were never once proven in a court of law.

Former Trump attorney Sidney Powell, who was also at the top of the list of spreading the rigged election conspiracy, was sued by Dominion for over $1 billion. In a turn of events this past week and her attempt to have the lawsuit dismissed, Powell wrote that “no reasonable person would conclude” that her statements about rigged voting machines “were truly statements of fact.”

The voting machine company also revealed that future lawsuits against specific Fox News personalities could also be on the table, depending on how the suit against Fox News ends up.

Only time will tell if Dominion Voting has any luck with one of their defamation lawsuits, but it’s clear that they’re waging full-on legal war with anyone connected to the former president.

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19 Responses

  1. Bring it on! Every opportunity to litigate election fraud is fully welcome. We’re not tired of this fight. Dominion’s on the ropes & Trump is our heavyweight champion. Can’t wait for Sidney Powell to haul trash bags of shredded ballots into Georgia Courts.

    1. Absolutely Susan.

      “Bring it Dominion” …I will donate to that fight. I want to see election fraud in every court in the land, everywhere it happened in every way it happened.

      Where are the prosecutions, who’s in jail? There are hundreds of videos of the fraud, yet not one person held accountable? That just doesn’t fly. Something stinks, badddddd. Americans are not going to rest until the truth comes out and this election is corrected… God is watching and he has a plan for all of this, WTP need to wake up, pay attention and CARE before we are judged. Looks like Biden Harris and their crews are already it’s set right is yet to be seen. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

  2. Over 70% of the common-sense legal Patriot voters know that the Dominion technique was rigged to flip the election. The biased media are in bed 🛌 with foreign elites. The Dominion reminds us all of the Russian Collusion. Politicians like Adam S. and many others are a disgrace to our society. They should be held accountable, and no longer are we labeled as deplorable, for we are know as digital soldiers.

    1. Good luck with that dominion, bring it on the truth will shine the light on you while we watch you all scramble like a bunch of roaches you are.

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  4. Dominion’s attorneys might get their lunch eaten during the deposition phase of any of their hearings. The production of the machines that they used during the election and the forensics that would follow would prove very interesting. It would be in their best interests to slink back into the woodwork.

  5. Fraction magic and black box voting cheat software is standard installation on their equipment for “weighted ” results. Military cyber corps has complete data on all the digital foreign and domestic stealing. Dominion will be soon out of business and bankrupt from multiple losses of countersuits. Should be criminal prosecution of Eric Coomer as well. Sell your Crowdsrike stock also. Jovan Pulitzer will set us free.

  6. It all needs to be brought out for everyone to see just how evil this stealing of our 74+ million votes were. People need to be jailed.

  7. If Dumb-minion is hoping for out-of-court settlements to bolster up its ailing financial balance sheet, they are going to be very sadly shocked. The litigants should throw these dogs out on their ear. What unmitigated GREED.

  8. I remember when Obama was President and how votes in NC were flipped from Republican to Democrat in certain counties or voting areas. How can Dominion sue if they have different software in different locations. Is this software hardwired into the machine when it is built. If they are being sued because it was their name on the hardware it is just like when the oil spill in Alaska and Exxon was sued but no one remembers the name of the man that did the spill. Yet they name the company that held the problem so how does Dominion get by with this? There were fraud situations in various places and the people used Dominion machines to put those ballots in illegally. Maybe the machines should have a stop on them when it hits the # of voters in the poll location that can vote.

  9. Dominion Voting System is a crooked system and needs to be made ILLEGAL. They rewrite their software to whoever pays the most

  10. This will be hard for Dominion to prove since this was proven to be have happened before the Trump administration. It was caught in an election before Trumps election and was exposed then how easily it was to manipulate the vote in favor of one party. I’m sick and tired of people making accusations about Trump’s administration and his supporters for stupid stuff that wont amount to anything, just a lot of noise to distract people from knowing what the Democrats are really doing!

  11. I am not very well informed on lawsuits, but if Dominion is suing all of these people for defamation, shouldn’t dominion have to prove it is defamation?

  12. This is just a scare tactic on the part of
    dominion. Eric Coomer, one of their top execs, was overheard on an
    Antifa conference call, prior to the election, telling them not to be concerned, that he had everything under control, to insure Trump wouldn’t be re-elected.
    This was told to Michelle Malkin on her show by another blogger, who had infiltrated Antifa and had been able to get mon that conference call.
    I believe Mike Lindell’s show, with some very credible cyber experts, showed that Dominion was instrumental in helping steal the election.
    There was ample evidence, but the compromised justices wouldn’t let be presented.

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