‘Donald Trump will be acquitted’: Hannity declares Senate trial a ‘colossal waste of time’

Despite the fact that former President Donald Trump left office more than a week ago, senators in both parties are pursuing an effort to convict him in a forthcoming Senate impeachment trial.

While Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has indicated that his party hopes to prevent Trump from ever running for federal elected office again, Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity recently revealed that the odds are not in the party’s favor.

“Officially dead in the water”

“This latest Democratic impeachment ‘Schiff show’ is now officially dead in the water,” Hannity told his television audience on Wednesday evening, according to Fox. “It is over.”

Hannity was apparently referring to the central role Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) played in the first impeachment effort against Trump.

The Fox host argued that the upcoming “Senate trial will be conducted as planned, but the Democrats do not have anywhere close to what would be the two-thirds supermajority that would be needed to convict.”

Those remarks came in the wake of reports that 45 GOP senators voted in favor of a motion by Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) to declare the impeachment of a former president unconstitutional.

“Donald Trump will be acquitted, and what we will witness is yet another colossal waste of time with a predetermined outcome,” Hannity declared, arguing that the effort amounts to little more than “a show trial predicated on [the] irrational psychotic rage of the radical left and the cowardly Democrats in complete fear and panic to stand up to their base.”

“Make no mistake, there will be a trial”

Hannity went on to denounce the effort as “political theater, frankly, at its worst,” not to mention a “massive government waste of time and resources,” as Fox noted.

Nevertheless, Schumer has shown no signs of backing down. On Wednesday, the Democratic leader declared: “I would simply say to all of my colleagues, make no mistake, there will be a trial.”

According to Fox, Schumer promised that the “evidence against the former president will be presented in living color for the nation and every one of us to see once again and no one will be able to avert their gaze from what Mr. Trump said and did and the consequences of his actions.”

Among the impeachment alternatives being developed in the Democratic Party is a proposal by Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) to censure the former president.

“I’ve drafted something,” he said, according to USA Today. “I haven’t filed it yet because I’m trying to get other people’s ideas about what should be in it. But I’m hoping that we might find, we might find it and it could be an alternative.”

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21 Responses

  1. Schumer is a schmuck who needs to retire with the Billion dollars he has acquired during his Washington D.C. Decades. Sure Trump is Flamboyant. Trump is a good person and a Great President. I think Schumer is jealous as the only folks who like him are his fellow travelers in New York. Trump is a beloved President and did a wonderful job for the citizens of the USA especially in the way he handled the China Virus and getting the vaccine in record time. We are all less well off in the hands of a senile lifer in politics and who is corrupt and everyone knows it.In the first week of the so called winner of the election he has set about the destruction of the USA. Open Borders, floods of the ill, the criminals, the illiterate certainly not their best to parasite on the taxpayers of the USA. Biden is secure from all of that. I sure am glad Dr. Jill finally got to be first lady and Joe got to the oval office even if he had to steal an election to get there.

        1. Oh that would be nice but he’s a democrat and they can do what they please with no consequences. This is a real problem in our country. One side is held accountable and the other is not.

  2. these illegal impeachments are a total waste of taxpayers money that should be taking out of filthy rich democrats pockets who have been in government entirely to long and have ripened to beyond their expiration date, another words they STINK!!!!! Stop wasting our money

    1. I agree with you. They keep stealing our money only to waste it again and again on these useless Hearings. Why don’t these useless Republicans Bring
      charges against Pelosi, Schummer, Nadler and Schifty. God knows they have broken so many rules and laws!!

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  4. You JERKS need to learn how to forgive and go on with your lives. Pent up hostile hatred will eat you alive, cause sickness, especially cancer and mental losses. You will pay more, pay later and pay the ultimate with your life all eaten up through your hatred. Confess your own sins and forgive and be forgiven now! Long life and eternal life requires forgiveness and love. I pray for your enlightenment and your future as a changed person.

    1. Hey Tom, I am a christian who is tired of turning the other cheek, and when they come for you I hope I`m there to defend you, GOD and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ put people like me on earth to defend the downtrodden ! GOD bless you sheeple

      1. Thats good to know. Mr defense of the the down trodden . But be aware God has put many warriors here in this good land. And I would stand by you and fight . This country is the only country ever that was founded on the only true God. And justice with prayer. When you take one away it cannot stand . Make no mistake . This country is going into judgment .do we deserve to be judged ? Yes , yes we do . We allowed prayer to be taken for our schools . We let our children run wild . We kill our unborn babies . So yep we deserve the judgement coming . But God always protects his own . That does not mean you will not see suffering and feel it too . But we have what they don’t have . We have hope . We can look forward to a few of suffering but eternity in glory . With God. The left live in darkness . When Trump came around he was a light . It shone their darkness . And how ugly it is . Of course they couldn’t have him around . And now they are starting on poor Ted Cruz . Pelosi told cnn that there are people in government that want to bring guns to work and she is fearful . That can and will ruin him . Luckily he’s in Texas. Their constitution says they can leave the union at will . . And people we are in an abusive marriage . But together we can get a divorce . And be a free and God fearing nation again . Maybe a bit smaller . But 70 million strong . Not too small .

  5. There is no way they have an iota of evidence. They will rue the day they try this. They had better quadruple the NG at that point. They will need it.

  6. why have the representatives who actually called for riots and overthrow of our government , which carries the death penalty, not been brought to trial and prosecuted ?

  7. With all needs in the Country I do not understand why Nancy P. wants to spend so much time and energy on something that is not going anywhere. She is ate up with stupid.

  8. HEY Tom , GOD BLESS THE PEACEKEEPERS for which I am one, USMC 79-82, I`ve seen communism up close ,it does not look good HEY GOOGLE person ,this is not a duplicate ,put it back up please

  9. I want my tax dollars back. It is a waste of my money and a waste of the time of the elected officials. Lets put some sanity back into Washington.

  10. Something is extremely wrong when one group of elected officials elected to the government (abetted by the liberal media sources) can systematically work to destroy not only an elected president but the entire political party which elected him. Also when so many citizens and governors in so many different, varied states ask & be denied elections be investigated by the US Attorney general (as well as the Supreme Court quickly turned down). Now we citizens’ capital building with a fence, coiled barded wire on top it, and 20,000 National Guard troops living inside the building to protect the ones who caused the problem and no martial law declared by the governor.. . . something is mighty wrong & definitely un-American. Are we becoming over taken by a coup of.

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