Donald Trump demolishes the mainstream media during Florida rally

Former President Donald Trump recently kicked off a scheduled series of his extremely popular, campaign-style rallies, with the latest event taking place over the Independence Day holiday weekend in Sarasota, Florida.

According to the Daily Caller, after listing off his impressive array of accomplishments during his time in the White House, the former president saved plenty of time in his speech to attack the mainstream media, his perpetual nemesis. 

“Gone down the tubes”

“I think one of my greatest achievements is explaining to people that the media in this country is corrupt,” Trump told the energetic audience.

“Their credibility is at an all-time low,” Did I have anything to do with that? I think so,” the former president continued, adding: “That’s why their credibility has gone down the tubes.”

The Daily Caller cited Edelman’s Annual Trust Barometer, which reports that confidence in the media has dropped to below 50%.

The barometer noted that the sense of distrust is not evenly felt along party lines, with Republicans expressing far more skepticism than Democrats. The survey revealed that only 18% of Trump voters expressed trust in what the media has to say.

Trump slams Biden

According to Real Clear Politics, Trump went on to point out how members of the mainstream media covered a recent speech by President Joe Biden as clear evidence of their deceitfulness.

“He had a hard time with the speech. He was stumbling a lot,” Trump recalled. “A lot of bad things were happening with that speech, and I said, that’s really sad.”

The 45th president added: “And then I turned on MSDNC and CNN, I just wanted to see what they thought. And they go, ‘Uh, this was one of the truly great speeches of our time.'”

Comparing Biden to FDR

The former president went on to mock comparisons made by some members of the media with regard to Biden’s address and speeches given by former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

“You know, FDR? A lot of people here might not like FDR, but he was a great, elegant speaker, right? ‘The only thing you have to fear is fear itself,'” Trump told the crowd.

Trump added: “And one of them on CNN said this very much compares to the late, great FDR. And that and that’s why their credibility is going down the tubes, they were comparing his speech, which was sad. It was sad. They were comparing it to FDR. No, that doesn’t work, but their credibility is at an all-time low.”

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  4. The media has made things easy for us. Whatever they say, believe the opposite! You can’t go wrong. This also applies to Biden.

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