Donald Trump dominates CPAC ahead of Sunday speech

Democrats thought that a second impeachment of Donald Trump would the final nail in the coffin of his political career.

If Trump’s comeback at the Conservative Political Action Committee Conference this weekend is any indication, however, Trump’s dominance is far from over.

Roaring back

After weeks of silence, while Democrats and never-Trumpers twisted themselves into knots over yet another bogus and unconstitutional impeachment push, Trump is poised to come back stronger than ever.

Scheduled to make his first major post-election speech on Sunday, the buzz has been building around Trump’s comeback all week.

CPAC organizers have positioned themselves as decidedly pro-Trump, declining to invite former “Conservative” fixtures such as Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) and Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) after their decision to attempt to ingratiate themselves with the left during Trump’s impeachment.

Donald Trump Jr. joked earlier this week that the event is so pro-Trump that it could be called “TPAC.”

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) delivered a thundering speech on Friday praising Trump and filled with hope for the future, declaring that Democrats “look at Donald J. Trump and they look at the millions and millions of people inspired, who went to battle fighting alongside President Trump and they are terrified and they want him to go away.”

“But let me tell you this right now, Donald J. Trump ain’t going anywhere,” he added.

Though CPAC is traditionally seen as a way for Conservative candidates to boost their visibility, Trump’s dominance at the event may squash the hopes of other 2024 GOP contenders like Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

“Important reset”

Trump has yet to make his official entrance at CPAC. He’s scheduled to close out the event with a speech Sunday evening, which event organizer and former Trump operative Matt Schlapp noted marks a “very, very important reset.”

“He thinks about what he is going to say right until he starts saying it,” Schlapp told Fox News’ “Fox and Friends” on Thursday. “I think he is talking to advisers, people he trusts, trying to ask where should I go with this speech? He knows it’s a very, very important reset for him and for the country, and for half the country, and for so many people here in this ballroom.”

Addressing the glaring gap between Never-Trump Republicans and Trump supporters, Schlapp explained that:

One of the reasons he was a great conservative president is because people just didn’t immediately go on the attack like so many establishment Republicans did.They never really liked Donald Trump. They liked his policies but then they thought they could shove him off the stage. My message to the establishment Republicans, you don’t have to like Trump to love his policies. You should love the millions of people he brought to this coalition.”

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36 Responses

  1. Love my President Trump. Looking forward to hearing him speak and running again. Let’s put him back where he belong running this country. 4 years of Biden is gonna ruin this country, already has! What a disgrace he is to this country as, if you want to call him president. Not mine. Love President D.J. Trump!

    1. Biden & Kamala must be removed in 2022. Contrary to the hopes of the power elite, election fraud conferred no legitimacy. They lack the consent of the governed. And there’s no way our nation can survive 4 years of these horrible policies. We will find a way to get them out. We must.

    2. I totally agree Michelle. I pray that President Trump blows
      them out of the water !! And out of office FOREVER !!

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  3. It is totally sad that we have two misfits in the Whitehouse that don’t know what they are doing, dumb and dumber! I could cry that our country has lost it’s status in the world with these two! President Trump won the 2020 election by a landslide! It was totally rigged and the 2 that couldn’t even get 12 people to listen to them won! Wrong! Thanks to VP Pence. the federal judges and SCOTUS that all turned your backs on 75 million Americans and took away our freedom, you are scumbags!

    1. They are all actors its a tv stage none of those stooges are in the White House it had to happen this way, WHY? Did the military turn there backs on Biden as the motorcade went by! WHY! Was Karmela sworn in first? It was a show go back and look at the Bible Biden swore on!

      1. If anybody can bring our country back after 6 weeks of dementia riddled, criminal, fake President Joe Biden’s are rational destruction of our country, it would be Donald Trump

      2. We had Pochahontas in congress& now we have Poke-A-Hontas as VP&her favorite Social Media site is…wait for it… Facebook bc she likes being poked.😂😂😂😂

  4. I disagree that the illegitimate President and Vice President are dumb. These people know exactly what they are doing. They are destroying the country from within. This has been the object of the Democratic Party since the 60s. These people are communists. more people in the United States need to realize that. These people are doing exactly what they want to do and they know exactly what they are doing.

    1. I’m pretty sure that the dementia riddled, criminal, fake president, and his little 8th grade mentality, cheer leader fake vice president, are both pretty dumb! They’re nothing more than useful idiots of the corrupt, election stealing, Barack Hussein Obama deep state Administration!

  5. Agree with all posts! We need President Trump back in the White House now! Just because the “ clown show” is in residence now, it will not be for long! We cannot wait until 2024, we need to demand a re vote now! Get Piglosi out, then do the 25 th. Ammendment, remove joe and the ho and put our rightful president back in!

  6. Sad we have the biggest crook and corrupt worthless man in the white house now. I love and miss Trump and I can’t wait till he is back. Even though I don’t think he should sacrifice one more minute on this country. What Biden is doing in such a short time is so damaging that their wont be anything left to save.

  7. It’s true what they say. The Democrats are playing checkers and Donald Trump is playing chess. The left has no idea.

  8. Patty wish it was as easy as your saying, but do agree with you, we need our President Trump now more than we did back when he won the first time. I might be old and crippled but I still back President Trump, and would fight from my wheelchair if it comes to that.

  9. Obama/Biden Admin has already ruined most of the economy we had with TRUMP as President. You can tear something down a lot faster then it takes to build it.

    1. If anybody can bring our country back after 6 weeks of dementia riddled, criminal, fake President Joe Biden’s are rational destruction of our country, it would be Donald Trump!

  10. The problem is not just in the White House it is in all three branches of the of the government, thanks to ignorant democrat voters that believe everything the media tells them. Anybody that believes what a lemon tells them is just not to smart. Anyone else on CNN for that matter, or the rest of the fake media. That is why Trump calls them the enemy of the people, they lied so much you didn’t know when they are telling the truth.

  11. OMG!!!! All the comments about President Donald Trump are FANTASTIC and we do need him back desperately. I miss our real President and I mean DONALD J TRUMP, definitely NOT delusional BASEMENT BIDEN. We all know that the election was stolen & rigged by SOROS and OBAMA for BASEMENT BIDEN. Now I know why OBAMA made sure he lived close to the Whitehouse for CONTROL & Observance. Biden couldn’t find his way if he tried. They must think we are really STUPID to think that Biden actually won the election? COME ON MAN. Totally unbelievable to think that this kind of deception and VOTER FRAUD could actually happen in AMERICA.

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