Donald Trump says Mitch McConnell will be removed as Senate leader if he becomes president again

Former President Donald Trump lashed out at Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell this week, insisting that the Kentucky lawmaker should be removed from office. 

According to Fox News, Trump’s comments came as he spoke on Thursday with radio host John Fredericks about the possibility that McConnell will support Democratic efforts to raise the debt ceiling.

Trump says McConnell is “a bad guy” who has “done a bad job”

“It’s crazy what’s happening with this debt ceiling. Mitch McConnell keeps allowing it to happen. I mean, they ought to impeach Mitch McConnell if he allows that,” Trump said. Fox News noted that while senators can be censured or expelled, they cannot be impeached.

“He is a bad guy. He’s done a bad job. He’s allowed $4 trillion to go into the hands of the Democrats, and this is $4 trillion into the hands of these radical-left Democrats who are wasting it on the Green New Deal — think of it,” Trump continued.

“He increased the debt ceiling, he approved the debt ceiling, he let them have it, and he got nothing for it, and they must have something on him,” he added. “The only thing I can say about him is they must have something on him.”

What’s more, Trump voiced regret over his decision to endorse McConnell in 2018 and promised to end the senator’s leadership should he again become president.

“This guy does not deserve to continue to be a leader and hopefully somebody’s going to challenge him,” Trump declared. “But I’ll tell you, if I run, and if I win, he will not be leader.”

Alaska GOP votes to censure McConnell

Trump is far from being the only Republican who is expressing animosity towards McConnell, as the Washington Post reported last month that the Alaska GOP voted to censor the Senate minority leader over his involvement in a race there.

A McConnell-linked super PAC has been working to help Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski in her fight against Trump-backed challenger Kelly Tshibaka.

“The millions of dollars Mitch McConnell is spending on lies about me could be put to better use in other states where a Republican has a chance to beat a Democrat,” Tshibaka was quoted as saying.

Murkowski is considered a moderate Republican who voted to impeach Trump and refused to support the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.