Donald Trump’s numbers slide significantly in new poll

Former President Donald Trump just received a poor favorability rating in a newly-released poll, the Washington Times reports

The poll results were released by NBC News on Sunday. The survey was conducted from Sept. 9 to 13, when Hart Research/Public Opinion Strategies, on behalf of NBC, surveyed some 1,000 registered voters.

The bad news

One of the things that the pollster asked participants was what their overall opinion of former President Trump is.

The pollster found that only 34% of participants, in total, have a positive view of Trump. This figure includes 20% who indicated that they have a “very positive” view of Trump and 14% who indicated that they have a “somewhat positive” view of the former president.

On the other side of the coin, 54% of those surveyed said that they have a negative opinion of Trump, including 8% who chose “somewhat negative” and 46% – a plurality – who chose “very negative.”

The remaining 12% said that their feelings toward Trump are “neutral.”


Something that ought to be noted is that Trump has never really scored particularly highly on one of these favorability polls from NBC News. The best he has ever done is somewhere in the low 40s. That was at various points in 2020.

Shortly after Trump left office in 2021, his favorability rating dropped down to the mid-30s. It briefly went up to the high 30s in August of 2021, during President Joe Biden’s Afghanistan fiasco.

But, Trump’s favorability rating has now dropped back down, and that’s the bad news, that Trump’s favorability rating is trending in the wrong direction, and it’s doing so with Trump campaigning for Republican candidates for the midterm elections and with Trump seemingly getting ready to announce his 2024 bid for the U.S. presidency.

Whether or not Trump is going to let the poll result bother him is another question altogether. Trump and many Republicans tend not to put too much faith in polls from left-leaning outlets like NBC.

What about Biden?

On NBC’s poll, Biden isn’t doing a whole lot better than Trump. Biden, for example, has an overall positive rating of only 32%, whereas he has an overall negative rating of 47%. 11% are neutral.

In many ways, these figures are more significant than Trump’s considering the attempts by Biden, his administration, the mainstream media, and others to paint Biden in a positive light with the midterm elections in sight. Apparently, it’s not working.