Report: 2 dozen people shot in Chicago over the weekend

The Democrat-run city of Chicago was once again plagued by deadly gunfire over the weekend with 24 people shot, four fatally, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

All four fatalities occurred while the victims were inside their vehicles, with the latest murder taking place at 5:50 p.m. on Sunday, according to the Sun-Times.


Authorities said a 25-year-old man stopped at the 7100 block of South Green Street and was approached by two individuals, who both proceeded to open fire. The victim was pronounced dead after being taken to the University of Chicago Medical Center.

The killing came just two hours after a 19 year-year-old man was shot on South Michigan Avenue. The victim reportedly sped away before colliding with three parked cars.

The Cook County medical examiner’s office identified the victim as Martese Jackson, the Sun-Times said, and he was pronounced dead at the University of Chicago Medical Center.

An unidentified man was shot at 8:55 p.m. on Saturday as he drove on a ramp leading to the Kennedy Expressway. Illinois State Police, who are investigating the killing, said he was pronounced dead at the scene, the Sun-Times reported.

Finally, a 30-year-old man died via gunshot wounds he sustained at 5:25 p.m. on Friday while sitting in a vehicle parked on West Van Buren Street. He too was pronounced dead at the scene.

Private security

The grim death tally stands in addition to 17 other individuals who were shot and survived at various points during the blood-soaked weekend.

One of them was a 17-year-old male who was sitting in a parked vehicle in the 3400 block of West 23rd Street at 2:55 a.m. when he was struck by a round in the leg.

The increase in violent crime has gotten so out of control that Chicago Alderman Stephanie Coleman has instituted a program to deploy private security guards at two local gas stations for an hour each day.

Dubbed “Project Safe Pump,” it targets a “Citgo on 63rd Street and the Dan Ryan Expressway, and the Shell at 55th and Halsted,” according to The Chicago Tribune.

Both the state of Illinois and Chicago in particular have enacted some of the most stringent gun control laws in the United States.

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37 Responses

      1. He couldn’t help when he was living there. He left it in shambles! Take the National guard and start sending them to the cities in real need( chicAgo ny Seattle portland etc)?

        1. The National Guard has to be invited or should I say requested by the City or state officials. And we all know who runs that Chicago, Beetlejuice,Beetlejuice,Beetlejuice ☠️

        2. And yet BLM has been nominated for the Nobel Peace prize. Lol, what a joke and most of these victims are Black shot by another Black.

          1. Yes that is a big joke. The biden/harris started this BLM. Even a lot of the educated black do not codone this. Dont even want to be involved with this fabrication of a story made up by biden and harris administration. They are nothing but liars, cheaters, traitors and committed TREASON the biden’s and harris and pelosi all should be in prison and impeached so they can’t ever hurt anyone again. The rest of them that are involved in this mess. I sure do miss Our President Trump. He cared about us and about the United States of America. While biden only cares about the lining in his pockets. What goes around comes around and I sure hope and pray they all grt theirs when they are shipped to china. I would like to write a letter to the china government to let them know that biden and hunter only used them and took their money and they are laughing all the way to the bank.

          2. That is the biggest hoke I’ve ever heard. They are nothing but jokes. I hope they get what is coming to them. Then we will all be laughing.

    1. Obama is a moron wrapped in an idiot. That dumb negro injects racism and hate in every decision he makes !

    2. Allen, Obama is not the savior. There is only one Savior in Heaven and on earth and that is Yeshua. I hope you have the opportunity of getting to know Him and accept Him.

    3. Obama not needed as they have Alderman Stephanie Coleman that sent security guards for an hour each day at two gas stations……Really sounds like they have got a handle on crime………LOL

  1. Do the people of Chicago want this violence??? If I lived there I would be speaking up or trying to move away

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  3. Those TEA Party constitutionalist Republicans just have to stop their wilding and shooting up Chicago’s young poor blacks.

    1. No, all the criminals, black or white, need to stop shooting other people. It certainly isn’t Republicans doing it. It’s the criminals.

  4. Niggers That’s all just gang banging NIGGERS not tax paying Aferican Americans it’s how it has to be it’s a shame but it how it will be until people white an black stop dancing around an call out in the news there NIGGERS NOT GOOD AFERICAN AMERICANS he’ll the say it to each other in rap music on the street in schools because there elders teachers moms an dads all said it and heard it when growing up even Obama said it heard it he’s as guilty as the gangbanger NIGGER

  5. Both the state of Illinois and Chicago in particular have enacted some of the most stringent gun control laws in the United States. The Democrats seem to forget… CRIMINALS DON’T FOLLOW LAWS, that’s why we call em CRIMINALS!”

    1. Obama is a moron wrapped in an idiot. That dumb negro injects racism and hate in every decision he makes !

    2. Same way with most government democrats are lawless demons leading America into totalitarianism with the help of tech giants, media, deep state and the current fake, senile, criminal president and pothead VP.

    3. And also why gun control laws don’t work except to give the criminal extra ammo to use against law abiding citizens. Maybe if everyone was carrying, a criminal would have to decide if what he wanted to do was worth the risk of his life. The places that have the constitution in mind with their gun control laws are the ones that are the safest.

    4. Good response. They all know this. It just gives the politicians something to preach about when they get camera time. Maybe they just want to reduce the welfare line by allowing BLM to kill each other off if abortions are fast enough.

  6. Clearly their “ strict gun control laws” aren’t working! They need to get rid of Lightfoot, put in a REAL mayor who cares about the citizens, and call in the national guard to stop the crap! Lightfoot should be sued for failure to protect the city!

  7. Mayor Lightfoot needs to be prosecuted for crimes against humanity. She full well knows she can stop the violence with just one call. But being a demorat and imean a rat she will allow the citizens of city to continue to suffer all the while she is paid to do nothing to help the situation to make the city safe again

  8. Obama is a moron wrapped in an idiot. That dumb negro injects racism and hate in every decision he makes !

  9. You think this is bad. Wait until the hundreds of thousands of border runners start pouring in. The whole country will be overrun with people wanting what you have. They will like a locust outbreak devouring every thing in sight. Home invasions, robberies, car jacking, rapes and murders. These people do not have skills for work or will there be jobs.
    CZAR joe has set the stage.

  10. Not as long as I have my constitutional right to keep and bear arms, will these criminals take what I have nor my neighbors. People stop talking about this and start exercising our rights as citizens. Seems all people are about anymore is talking and commenting. Time to stand up or shut up and run for cover. I was born free and will die free. I choose to stand up and fight for my freedoms. Criminals coming into our country are no different than any other enemy. Protect your families and if you don’t know how, find help and learn how. That damned communist government in Washington cannot have my liberties without a fight. WAKE UP PEOPLE, THEY CARE NOTHING ABOUT “WE THE PEOPLE.”

  11. this type of behavior will only get worse under the Biden regime ,this country must go into the inner cities and start a gun confiscation immediately,before these terrorists rack up more kills

  12. Blacks killing blacks that is why the democrats are not taking action. Why aren’t th democratic senators concerned?

  13. this is common in cities and states run by Dems. vote them out and it will take time but you can get relief with Republican leadership. You get what you vote for.

  14. What a way to go. Blacks killing blacks. So I guess it s not the cops killing them but their black people doing it Surprise. I guess black life s don t matter if they are killing their own. (NOT A PROBLEM )

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