‘Tragic and terrible’: Dozens shot, seven killed in Chicago violence last weekend

With violent crime surging in cities across the nation, Chicago, Illinois, continues to report a disproportionately high rate of shootings.

Reports from the latest weekend of carnage included two shooting incidents within the span of just a few hours that claimed the lives of two people and injured more than a dozen.

Troubling statistics

Those shootings took place on Sunday evening — and more than 70 people were shot throughout the weekend including seven fatalities.

The first of the two Sunday events occurred shortly before 9 p.m. in South Shore. A woman was reportedly killed after she was shot six times in a drive-by attack that also left five males, including a 15-year-old boy, injured.

About two hours later and roughly five miles away in the Marquette Park neighborhood, another woman was killed when three gunmen opened fire on a crowd, according to police. Ten people were reportedly injured in that incident.

Four mass shootings in total accounted for nearly one-third of the dozens of people injured by gun violence throughout the weekend.

The attacks represent the latest evidence of a troubling Windy City trend that has worsened significantly over the past year. Chicago’s homicide rate spiked last year and has continued to marginally increase with the number of murders about 34% higher than in 2019.

“They want to get street justice”

One particularly gruesome attack earlier this month involved a father of two who was reportedly pulled out of his car and fatally shot in front of his girlfriend. The female victim died from her injuries the following day.

Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot has faced backlash for her response, which recently included pleading with criminals to stop the violence.

“They don’t want to let the criminal justice system play itself out,” she said. “They want to get street justice, which is tragic and terrible.”

Chicago violence is part of the nationwide surge in crime that President Joe Biden addressed in a speech last week, which included a focus on COVID-19 and access to firearms as contributing factors.

Despite the mantra of many progressive protesters over the past year, the White House insisted this week that it is actually Republicans who want to defund the police.

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    1. Max, have our hearts gotten that calised over people killing for the pleasure of killing another human life all life matter has got so common that people are now just thinking just another day in the cities.

  3. These are mostly Black on Black killings. The Federal Govt. does not care how many blacks are killed on the streets or through abortions. It is their silent way of letting blacks kill themselves. It is truly sad but that is what is truly happening. Gang and drug violence is another problem.

  4. And, they have one of the best gun controls in the country. This country does not need any more gun control laws. Just enforce what we have.

  5. Biden and his democratic filth are the ones wanting to defund the police its sad that a black man was killed but the blacks just keep on killing one mans life is not worth killing so many innocent people down with Antifa and BLM scum

  6. Biden you are Killing us citizens you are responsible for letting criminals go and bring more from México you are the problem Biden your sick mind is on what we need Bring Trump back

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