2020 drug overdose deaths in San Francisco were double the city’s COVID death toll

While the coronavirus has overshadowed other causes of death since last year, deadly drugs like fentanyl are taking a heartbreaking toll in places like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) hometown of San Francisco.

In fact, despite the impression left by pandemic fearmongers in the Democratic Party, drug overdose deaths last year were double San Francisco’s COVID death toll — and it’s only getting worse, the Washington Examiner reported.

Last year, a record 700 people died from overdoses, while less than 300 succumbed to COVID.

City’s overdoses dwarf COVID deaths

Between January and April of this year, 252 San Franciscans died from overdoses, up from 181 at the same time in 2020.

The spike starkly illustrates just how bad the drug problem is in San Francisco, a city once widely regarded as the Pacific Coast’s crown jewel before it declined into squalor, homelessness and crime that are pushing people to leave.

Like many places in America, San Francisco is getting hit hard by an inflow of the highly potent synthetic opioid fentanyl, which often pours in from Mexico, as Breitbart notes. Data from the city’s medical examiner says that the spike in deaths began after fentanyl began flooding the streets in 2019.

Dr. Phillip Coffin, director of substance abuse research for the Department of Public Health, said that the uptick in deaths is not surprising. “We anticipated mortality to go up because that is exactly what’s happened everywhere that fentanyl has settled into,” he said.

Dems overlooks lockdown damage

Coffin also said that “fentanyl is here for good,” so cities like San Francisco have no choice but to focus on managing the destruction.

“A big part of it is to bring the intervention to the places where the people are, as opposed to forcing people to go to where the interventions are,” he said.

What’s happening in San Francisco is only the tip of the iceberg. Drug overdose deaths hit a record 87,000 nationwide last year. It remains unclear how many preventable deaths have occurred because of lockdowns, but they probably haven’t helped. In California, a third of businesses have closed for good.

While COVID has doubtless inflicted a devastating toll on America, it’s not the only public health crisis the country faces — and it’s actually subsiding. Meanwhile, a tragic drug epidemic in Pelosi’s backyard — one that has caused more death than COVID itself there — is getting worse, but she doesn’t care.

What Pelosi and her allies care about is power. For over a year, they have been focused on using the virus to assert unprecedented control over the lives of citizens and wreck their livelihoods. America is only beginning to reckon with the damage they caused.

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12 Responses

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  7. Anyone who knowingly uses anything containing fentanyl is stupid and deserves to die. I’ll stick to marijuana, thank you every much!!! 50+ years and no bad side effects (except for eating too much from the munchies).

  8. Why do you people keep up the lies about covid. The numbers of deaths is, well to be nice, manipulated to be very high when in fact the number is much much lower so YES the number of overdoses are much higher. Funny how fentynal kills everyone except Floyd. You people that are supporters of blm are, again trying to be noce here, lacking something in that thinking department. Oh and of course leaving the boarder open has nothing to do with the influx of fentynal. Biden should be on trial for complicity to murder if not murder. Oh but coupe got away with murder of older people when coumo put sick people, covid or not, in with the old people whom any sickness hurts the most. What is wrong with people that allow this.

  9. To quote you Pawn. ” Funny how fentynal kills everyone except Floyd. ” That was the statement of the year. So it kills people in California but the amount that Floyd took and the coroner stated that he had in his body was not enough to convince people that he was a dead man anyway. Not condoning what the cop did, but the cop did not kill him, he was already dead. Democrats ran cities all across America seem to be in the same mind set. They don’t care about the citizens that they govern. They only care about how many they can eliminate as the ready the state for the New world Order. I imagine they believe that they will have a position somewhere waiting for them, if they do a good job. Little do they know that, just like us, they are but a number.

  10. I think that Nancy Pelosi should be driven down to the Haight/Ashbury district and get out of her car and that car drives away and with no security people in tow, should have to walk home through the mess that SF has become on her watch. She needs a dose of reality Oh yeah. no mask or sanitizers. The desperate citizens she is supposed to represent don’t have much access to normal comforts that the wealthy people have there. OR how about letting the homeless camp on her estate where they can have access to bathrooms, showers and laundry.

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