DTJ blasts Twitter for 'election interference'

December 23, 2022

Despite dramatic warnings about "Russian disinformation" during the 2020 election cycle, the Twitter Files have proven that America's domestic institutions were engaged in "election interference" in favor of Democrats, Donald Trump Jr. said. 

The son of former President Trump shared his reaction to the Twitter Files with Breitbart, likening Twitter's partisan censorship to the authoritarianism of "despotic regimes" like communist China.

DTJ reacts to Twitter Files

The Twitter Files have shed light on an unusually close relationship between Twitter and the FBI, as well as the dubious pretexts insiders at the social media company used to suppress conservative speech.

In the most chilling case, Trump Jr's own father was permanently suspended while still a sitting president.

As the Twitter Files have shown, company insiders secretly tweaked Twitter's rules to justify banning Trump.

“I mean, if conservatives were doing this to a liberal candidate, imagine the soundbites, imagine the outrage. And yet, when this comes out — and it’s as clear as day — crickets,” Trump Jr. said.

Election interference

Another highlight of the Twitter Files concerns Twitter's decision to censor the New York Post's expose of Hunter Biden's corrupt overseas business deals.

Twitter's decision followed misleading briefings from the FBI that suggested the Hunter Biden story was a Russian fake. The claim that the story was "Russian disinformation", however, turned out to be disinformation in and of itself.

Many on the right have claimed vindication, saying the Twitter Files show that suppression of the Hunter Biden story changed the outcome of the 2020 election. Polls have suggested that if the Hunter Biden story was more widely publicized, Biden voters may have chosen differently.

"This would be what they would call election interference," Trump Jr. said.

"It's happening right here"

Trump Jr. said that the Twitter Files have been ignored by the mainstream media because they are part of the same political machine as Big Tech and the FBI, teasing Twitter is the "first one to be exposed."

"Not a peep, and you know why? Because the average American newsroom, what’s going on there is absolutely no different than what went on at Twitter, at other Big Tech, in the mainstream media. They’re all the same. Twitter is just the first one to be exposed."

The former president's son also voiced the dismay that many Americans have felt upon discovering that America's own institutions engage in draconian, communist-style censorship.

“We want to believe that this stuff isn’t happening in America right now, because this reeks of what goes on in Communist China or Russia or any other despotic regime across the word. It’s happening here right now. We all knew it."

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