Unnamed colleagues say top Durham aide resigned over political pressure: Report

As U.S. Attorney John Durham and his team continue their probe of the origins into federal investigations surrounding alleged collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign in 2016, speculation continues to swirl regarding when a final report will be released.

That intense scrutiny, enhanced by alleged pressure to produce results prior to November’s election, led to one of Durham’s top aides to abruptly resign from the team, as reported by the Daily Caller.

“No further comment”

The aide, identified as Nora Dannehy, reportedly tendered her resignation in response to political pressure from D.C. to either wrap up the investigation or provide some sort of interim progress report ahead of Election Day.

“We can confirm that she resigned (effective today), and have no further comment or background to provide,” said Connecticut U.S. Attorney’s Office spokesman Thomas Carson in a statement to the Daily Caller.

Dannehy’s quiet exit was first reported by the Hartford Courant after reporters learned about the development from unnamed colleagues.

In a brief email to others on the Durham team addressing her impending resignation, she did not mention the ongoing probe in any context, the sources said.

According to the anonymous colleagues, however, Dannehy had expressed concerns that U.S. Attorney General William Barr was placing pressure on Durham’s team to reach a conclusion before November.

“Maybe it’s much more than that”

She had been considering whether to resign for several weeks, the sources claimed, but felt torn between loyalty to Durham and the perceived political pressures of the case itself.

As the Courant reported, Dannehy had previously worked alongside Durham in the Connecticut office before taking a private-sector job several years ago. She reportedly returned when recruited by Durham last year to join the current investigation.

Since she has not yet addressed the matter in detail and on the record, there is still plenty of speculation involved in much of the reporting of this development.

President Donald Trump has addressed the investigation, though, telling reporters during a press conference on Thursday that he expected to see a “report or maybe it’s much more than that” from Durham, who he described as a “very, very respected man.”

While partisan pressure has not been publicly asserted, much less proven, in this case, it seems clear that politics were involved in the FBI investigation of Trump’s campaign. When Durham’s report is released, Americans will hopefully be able to determine exactly what transpired.

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