Former federal prosecutor calls on Durham, DOJ to ‘stand up’ to Bill Barr

In the wake of the release of Justice Department Inspector General (IG) Michael Horowitz’s report on the FBI’s alleged 2016 abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), both Attorney General Bill Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham issued statements disagreeing with the IG’s conclusions, largely due to the fact that both have a much broader view of the overall situation than Horowitz did.

But the pair’s statements on the matter caused an uproar on the left, and now, a former federal prosecutor is calling on Durham and others in the Justice Department to revolt against Barr. “Durham has got to stand up to him, and that’s got to be true of everybody in the Justice Department,” Cynthia Alksne said of the attorney general, according to RawStory.

A revolt against Barr?

It was during an appearance Saturday on MSNBC’s AM Joy that Alksne — who boasts on her website that she “worked for former Attorney General Eric Holder and alongside former FBI Director Robert Mueller” — urged those in the Department of Justice to take action, alleging that Barr has thrown their work “in the trash.”

“Here’s the problem. The inspector general has already found that the investigation was not motivated in the way that Bill Barr is saying it is, and he’s directly [taking] all the work of all the people and he’s throwing it in the trash,” she said, according to RawStory. “And he’s added this other layer of an investigation and now he’s broken all the rules, because one of the rules in an investigation is you don’t talk about it in the middle, and he’s done that.”

Alksne went on to accuse Barr of “putting his thumb on the scale with the guy who’s doing the follow-up investigation, Durham.” According to Alksne, Durham “was talked into issuing a press release that was completely improper.”

“Barr has been totally improper with Durham,” she said. “He’s forced him to make this statement — or we presume he forced him because he’s an honorable guy and it makes no sense that he would make it. He’s going with him on interviews to Europe, he’s getting involved in discussions with witnesses with the Italians and with this professor [Joseph] Mifsud, which is totally improper.”

Setting an example

Alksne suggested that Durham should have refused “to talk about the case,” and if Barr insisted, Durham “should resign.”

“The Department of Justice regular employees have got to now take the example from the State Department standing up to [Chief of Staff Mick] Mulvaney and to [Secretary of State Mike] Pompeo; they have to take that example and use it,” she said. “Durham has got to stand up to him, and that’s got to be true of everybody in the Justice Department when Barr oversteps his bounds.”

Take a look at Alksne’s appearance on AM Joy, courtesy of Rawstory:

Metaphors and misunderstandings

In conclusion, Alksne said that she’s done thinking that Barr has any good left in him. “He’s a bad guy,” she insisted. “And he’s actually a metaphor for the entire Republican Party at this point.”

Of course, this former federal prosecutor almost certainly has no idea what Barr and Durham have uncovered about potential criminal wrongdoing in the FBI, but that didn’t stop her from criticizing the manner in which they addressed the limited IG report — or from urging Barr’s subordinates to stage a revolt against him.

It’s a good thing she is a “former” employee of the DOJ, otherwise, she could be facing some trouble for insubordination right about now.

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