‘It is your duty’ to question Fauci after lies to American people, Thomas Massie says

For about a year now, Americans have been told that Dr. Anthony Fauci is the most trusted authority on the coronavirus. Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) is not so sure.

Far from the paragon of virtue that has been portrayed to the public, Massie said Fauci has shown that he is “comfortable” lying to the people and must be “questioned,” the Washington Examiner reported

Massie: Fauci cannot be trusted

Massie tweeted Monday that Americans have a “duty” to doubt the so-called “science” being sold by Fauci and others in government, since they cannot be trusted to shoot straight.

“Once you realize the personal ethical standards of policy makers like Dr Fauci and many of those at the CDC lead them to comfortably misrepresent scientific data in order to achieve public policy goals, it is not just your prerogative to question their ‘science,’ it is your duty,” he said.

Massie is not alone in his sentiments.

While Fauci has won many admirers since becoming a fixture in cable news a year ago — his adherents see him as the ideal public servant, and he certainly has the salary to back it up — for many others, Fauci is a more capricious figure, a tyrant even, whose elfish features belie a giant, world-straddling ego.

Fauci’s guidance has been all over the place, with masks serving as exhibit A in his comedy of errors. Early on, Fauci said that they weren’t necessary before doing a 180-degree turn, and now, he says that two are needed.

Fauci’s lies

While Fauci has been criticized for such arbitrary guidance, some of his advice, like telling Americans it was safe to have casual sex with strangers early on in the pandemic, has been downright bizarre. He also admitted to lying about the percentage of vaccinations necessary to reach herd immunity.

Although 2021 has only just begun, Fauci left many annoyed Sunday when he said that Americans may have to keep wearing masks until 2022. As he often does, he said it could be some time before a “degree of normality” is conceivable.

To many, this was the latest whimsical prediction from a government scientist who has seemed to make things up as he goes along, all while remaining insulated from the destructive consequences he has helped unleash on struggling business owners and schoolchildren.

Safely ensconced in his government sinecure, however, Fauci is feeling his oats, even saying he felt “liberated” with Donald Trump out of the White House.

Massie’s got a point. The government isn’t going to check itself, that’s for sure, and Fauci knows as well as anyone that the new president “believes in science.”

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6 Responses

  1. Fauci hasn’t told the truth for over a year. He is a demorat lib. He changes like the weather and like sheep many follow that creepy old man.

  2. Why should we follow someone who ?disobeyed? the Obama administration and took the dangerous research to a disorganized Chinese lab. Paid this lab to create our current pandemic and then selectively did not mention this to the American people. Fauci has to go and not one more taxpayer dollar should pay his salary. He should be paying those that were killed by his deliberate behavior. Blood is on his hands!

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  4. Agree with all posts! Fauci is a liar, his “ predictions” change daily, depending on what the demonrats want! Time for him to be fired, and charged with giving false information!

  5. Let’s just say this; Dr. Fauci is full of crap, has a giant ego, and loves being interviewed on TV to feel important! Bring in real experts! Fauci ranks with Gov.Cumo in NY. The leader of killing seniors! Hollywood stars should feel like fools for supporting him. They never learn… Maybe they’ll give him an Academy Award next? Very sad!

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