Early Georgia runoff turnout favored Democrats, voter turnout ‘light’ so far on Election Day

The Georgia Senate runoff elections seem to be trending toward Democrats, who had a healthy lead in early voting that may not be countered by high Election Day turnout for Republicans. 

The New York Times reported that Democrat counties like Fulton and DeKalb have had high turnout, while the northwestern part of the state, which heavily favored Trump, only had about 47% of 2020 election turnout so far.

While Republicans are more likely to turn out on Election Day to vote in person, strong turnout will be needed to counter the seeming Democrat majority of the 3.1 million early votes that have already taken place in the state.

Election morning turnout reportedly light

Turnout during the morning hours of Election Day seemed to be light across the state, at least compared to November’s numbers.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported short, if any, lines in most polling locations and lighter turnout than on November 3.

One Atlanta poll worker confirmed that lines were short, but said there was a steady trickle of voters that may end up being more than Election Day, however.

Without enough Republican turnout, it is unlikely that Sens. David Purdue and Kelly Loeffler can overcome early Democrat voting and keep their seats, along with Republican control of the Senate.

Party leaders campaign in Georgia

Both President Donald Trump and President-elect Joe Biden campaigned in Georgia ahead of the election, but Trump spoke about the fraud he thinks happened in the presidential election and the need to hold Republican power in the Senate, while Biden promised $2,000 stimulus checks if people voted Democrat.

In recent days, Perdue has pointed to opponent Jon Ossoff’s ties to Communist China, which Ossoff hid from voters during the primary.

In Cherokee County, police are stationed at polling places because of a threatening email received there, but no one has been stopped from voting and no problems have been reported.

Other minor machine glitches were reported but were resolved by 10 a.m., and voters affected were able to use paper ballots to vote.

Results of the races may not be known for days or longer as officials count the many mail-in ballots and early votes received before the election.

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