Early voting trends in some battleground states may be bad news for Biden

Data being collected on early voting has shown some surprising results for the 2020 election, giving Republicans who may be disheartened by the polls some hope that President Donald Trump may have more support in crucial states than pollsters have been able to find. 

NBC is tracking early voting state-by-state, and has found that GOP early voting “trumps” Democrat turnout in some of the key battlegrounds even though historically, Democrat early voting has always been way ahead.

While some states like Pennsylvania and Florida have shown far more requests by Democrats for mail-in ballots, others like Michigan and Wisconsin have GOP mail-in requests ahead.

Biden already playing catch-up?

Besides leads in mail-in ballots requested in Michigan and Wisconsin, where Trump is behind Biden in most of the cited polls, GOP ballot requests are way ahead in Texas, a state that has moved more blue in recent years and which Democrats hoped might be in play.

In Arizona, both parties are tied at 36% of ballot requests, and Ohio has the GOP requests up 46-41%.

Republican voters for Trump are expected to have a strong in-person showing on Election Day, which means that if mail-in voting is already running Republican, it will be extraordinarily difficult for Biden to overtake Trump on Election Day.

It is difficult to understand how Biden can still have double-digit leads on Trump in many battleground state polls, yet be drawing the tiniest of crowds to rallies. Even more perplexing, Biden will not be making any appearances this week until after Thursday’s debate even though there are now serious and credible accusations against him that he used family members to get payoffs from foreign officials and business interests.

Post story gaining traction

The story in the New York Post about the potential payoffs was censored by Twitter and Facebook, but neither Hunter nor Joe Biden’s legal team has denied the story, and the Biden campaign has actually admitted that a meeting mentioned in the emails may have taken place, though it did not show up on Biden’s official schedule.

In addition, one of the parties to some of the emails has verified their authenticity, and a former partner of Hunter Biden who is now in jail on fraud charges has released an additional 26,000 emails that also contain incriminating material.

Unless the emails can be proven to be made up in the next two weeks, they will continue to damage the image of Biden as a “decent” and honest alternative to President Donald Trump.

The media has not yet characterized the story as an “October Surprise,” because they are trying so hard to ignore it into oblivion. But history will have the last word, and I hope the American people are not ready to accept a president who has taken payoffs from China and Ukraine, using his own kids to do so.

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