‘Shape-shifter’: Editor claims Biden has been a political ‘faker’ throughout his career

President Joe Biden defeated his rivals in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary race by touting his supposedly moderate views on important policy issues.

While Biden was arguably successful in making that case to voters, a senior editor at the Washington Examiner is arguing that the portrayal was fundamentally fraudulent.

“Exposed again and again”

Hugo Gurdon explained his position in a piece on Monday, writing: “It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Joe Biden isn’t the president he promised to be. He has been a faker, exposed again and again, throughout his seemingly interminable career.”

In Gurdon’s view, the president displayed a “chameleon lack of principle” in depicting himself as a centrist within a field of far-left rivals.

Since Biden’s inauguration, however, Gurdon claimed that the president’s mask has slipped, particularly by pushing “gargantuan spending proposals” that reveal his progressive tendencies.

The true nature of Biden’s ideology extends beyond budgetary issues, the columnist argued, pointing to a recent executive order calling on a commission to study the impact of adding additional seats to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Such court-packing proposals have become increasingly popular among progressives as a way to counteract the addition of three Supreme Court justices during the Trump administration.

“Used it almost verbatim”

Biden himself once described prior efforts to add additional justices to the bench a “bonehead idea,” but Gurdon said it should not surprise Americans that he has seemingly changed his opinion on the topic.

“Biden has always abandoned positions whenever convenient, floating to success on an unending stream of falsehoods and flip-flops,” the Examiner editor wrote.

Among the other examples listed in the article were Biden’s misleading statements about his academic record and evidence that he plagiarized content during his time in law school.

Furthermore, Gurdon noted that Biden once “borrowed a family anecdote from Neil Kinnock, the leader of Britain’s Labor Party, and used it almost verbatim as though it were plucked from his own family history.”

Calling the president a political “shape-shifter,” the columnist argued that the leader Biden most closely emulates is disgraced President Richard Nixon, who tacked “one way during the presidential primary and then back for the general election.”

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27 Responses

  1. mr sleepy biden is a well known bs artist and anyone who has believed anything he said over all these years is just a complete moron. so all you morons that voted for him have a great life suffering!

      1. This faux president and HO are in place because of fraud, corruption, lies and deceit supported by the deep state, all their donors and libetard media who control the government which they hate. Obozard has his third term to “fundamentally change America”. God help us that they DON’T succeed. The next several months will tell the tale. Will we be taken over by China, Veneuala criminals, BLM, ANTIFA or an unknown entity hidden from the public.

  2. Wow,surprised anyone other than conservatives and Republicans noticed !!! joe only says what he thinks others want to hear !! Same ol biden, just different year !!!!

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  4. Sleepy Joe has stolen millions of dollars from other countries , now his bank accounts needs to be look at real close, and all the other people enrolled in pushing through these trillion dollar deals. Where us all of that money really going? Into their personal coffers. Are the getting rich at our cost? To many back room deals going on with NO OVERSITE.

    1. All these congress people got rich by inside trading, info the used mob other people and skimming. What a bunch of weasels.

  5. There is not story here, no surprise, everyone knew crooked Joe was lying from the start. DNC rigged it so Joe edged out Bernie, Then rigged it to make it possible to beat Trump. without the changes made to how you could vote by a number of states and the conservative voices being suppressed. The Media lying every day. What a crock of Sh__!

  6. OK, most intelligent people know that Biden is a FRAUD. He only is the President because of a Fake Election.
    People write about his short comings, and do nothing about KICKING him and his Crooked VP out of Office.
    Their cohorts knew how to try to Impeach TRUMP, Twice, and no one has stepped up to the plate to get rid of the HARRIS-BIDEN TEAM.
    WHAT is the Matter with all you people with BIG MOUTHS and no B–ls to show your contempt for this administration

    1. Oh they know how to get rid of Biden and Harris, that has been their plan all along. Then Piglosi is in line for president, she makes either Obummer or Michael is v/p and they go from there. We need to stop all this 💩.

  7. Biden is not the one in control of the destruction of America. It is obama(SS). He is the one that needs to be arrested and taken to Gitmo for the rest of his life. His goal has always been to destroy America!

  8. We all know the election was fraudulent. It was all planned by the
    dc party months before, that’s why Joe Biden was kept in the basement.
    He is being controled by Pelosie and the progressives, and he is not the
    “moderate” he proclaimed to be. Everything he says is a reversal of his
    past statements and policies. The Biden/Harris Administration must go!
    The only way to get back to sanity from Biden’s destructive policies is to
    get out and vote for Conservative/Republican candidates in 2022. We have
    to take back the House and Senate before it’s too late for America.

  9. The real truth is Joe is only 50% full of it and the other 50% is not true.
    But guess what, he’s fooled all the Lefties as they look back in hindsight.
    Not bad for a rope-a-dope BS’er.

    1. There is proof that Sleepy Joe Biden is a terrible mistake candidate for America and the liberal democrats knew it. He said during his campaign that he was running for Senate, not for president of the United States. Whoever voted for this idiot is dead blind and has no heart to put America first. We knew from the very start that this guy shouldn’t even be elected as president of the United States because he’s suffering from old age dementia and he doesn’t even know what he’s talking about. I can even hear the democrats saying “Biden, you are our only hope, you can’t lose this election even though you’re a fraud! Now screw Trump and this country in tears!” We need to kick Biden and Harris out of the White House before they turn this country into a One World Order mistake. Even the military knows this!

  10. Clue joe he a complete joke of a president he makes jimmy carter reel smart joke. Clues joe will manage to make us look like third world country. This guy can’t even tell the story right. Just think an TRUMP got 200,000 more votes 11/3/2021 NYC DEMS, and tell the American public that there no Foul play by the DEMS. It’s totall insane.. .. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  11. Biden is the biggest mistake voters have made in many years. He and Harris need to go befor they distroy this country. Harris sidestep’s issues like boarder problems. Biden just lies about issues. He flip flop’s dayly. If we don’t get him out of office he is going to sink this country like never befor.He’s not running anything .He get his orders from somebody else. He can’t put three sentences togeather without loseing his thought prosess. If it wasn’t for the telapromter he would know what day it was.How long befor he does something that get’s us in big trouble with Russia or china or any number of other country’s that hate us. He is a danger to all of us andthe power seeking democrates won’t admit they screwed up electing him. They knew he was a poor choice and now we see it too.

  12. We need to get this president and VP out before will be to late to do anything about it. The mayority of American knows he is been manipulated by someone else. So, what are we waiting for? This pair don’t care about America!

  13. I hope to be sitting in my home one day watching the Corrupt Democrats on TV being all handcuffed , Tried and sent to prison for their Crimes against our President Trump and our country and it’s people. This will be a happy day for the American people. And hopefully a lessen for future corrupt politician.

  14. I agree that he’s been a fraud his whole life but that seems to be what the Demonrat party is all about. Name one who isn’t/wasn’t since the early 60’s.

  15. Why does it come as surprise that he misrepresented his agenda for this country. If you look back on his career he has done nothing good. I wonder how many people are now admitting that they voted for him.

  16. Everyone is on the same page, we need biden and cameltoe to be removed . But how , who can help us ? Lord please send someone quickly before our country goes down.

  17. You can count on Biden (Not my President) To engage in Lying, Cheating, Plagiarizing, Conning, Stealing, Thieving, Raping and etc. Biden in the womb of his mother conned his way out and cursed the world with his presence. Why did we have to endure him during his 50 years of government? He gave us nothing, he only took from the honest Americans. He is a disgrace!!!!!

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