Elderly man, 93, uses gun to ward off would-be burglars

Let’s just put an end to the left’s anti-gun narrative once and for all: guns save lives.

Fox News reports that a 93-year-old man this past week managed to fend off a group of burglars with a gun.  

That 93-year-old man has been identified as Joe Teague of Los Angeles, California. Teague is reported to be a retired plumber.

The attempted burglary took place on Wednesday morning. Teague called it in at around 12:30 am.

What happened?

A group of individuals broke into Teague’s home by kicking open his door open.

What were they hoping to take from a retired plumber? Well, it turns out that Teague has a number of items that are worth a decent amount of money, including several instruments.

The burglars probably figured it would be an easy score considering Teague’s age, but what the burglars ran into when they were inside the house was a 93-year-old man with a shotgun.

Teague warned them what would happen if they didn’t leave, but, apparently, they didn’t believe him. When one of the individuals came at Teague with a fishing pole, Teague fired. At that point, the group went running – except for the one who was shot. This individual has been identified as 33-year-old Joseph Ortega, and he is said to be in critical condition.

Teague, for his part, was questioned by police and let go. Here’s what he said about the situation, “it was just like somebody comes to a gunfight with a pocketknife, you know.”

A Second Amendment success story

If you still need convincing that guns save lives, just think about how this story would have been different if the 93-year-old Teague did not have a gun.

At the very least, the burglars would have had their way with Teague and his home. After all, a 93-year-old individual isn’t going to stand much of a change against a group of young men. The gun, here, flipped the script in favor of the law-abiding citizen, which is exactly what the Second Amendment was meant to do.

This is about as clear of a Second Amendment success story as you will find.

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