Delta, Coca-Cola side with Democrats against new election reforms in Georgia

Republicans have long been known as the party of big business, but what happens when the top corporations come out as openly partisan left-wing activists?

In the latest sign of corporate America’s “woke” turn, companies including Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines have intervened on the side of President Joe Biden and fellow Democrats in a battle over voting rights in Georgia. According to Fox Business, the two Atlanta-based businesses condemned the state’s new election integrity laws amid pressure from left-wing activists.

Corporate America steps in

At first, the companies were lukewarm in their response as outrage began brewing last week among Democrats and their activist base. But today’s woke culture pressures every citizen and every corporate brand to raise their fists in solidarity, and eventually, they buckled.

After Democrats, led by Biden, invoked dramatic comparisons to Jim Crow racism and segregation, the companies condemned the law that simply requires photo ID for absentee ballots, limits drop boxes, and reduces the time allotted to request absentee ballots.

In a statement Wednesday, Delta’s CEO Ed Bastian said he wanted to “make it crystal clear that the final bill is unacceptable and does not match Delta’s values” and said that it was based on the “lie” that voter fraud impacted the 2020 election, according to Fox Business.

Coca-Cola Chairman and CEO James Quincey meanwhile called the law “disappointing” and reportedly said the company is “supporting federal legislation that protects voting access and addresses voter suppression across the country.”

Biden, for his part, has trumpeted lies about the law, which actually expands early voting, falsely claiming that it closes the polls at 5 p.m. in the state.

“You don’t feed a dog that bites your hand”

In a stunning act of retaliation, Republicans in the Georgia state House voted Wednesday to strip Delta of a multi-million dollar tax break, although the state Senate adjourned before considering the move, according to the Daily Mail.

“They like our public policy when we’re doing things that benefit them. You don’t feed a dog that bites your hand,” said Georgia House Speaker David Ralston (R).

The controversy is merely the latest example of major corporations embracing left-wing causes like Black Lives Matter, straining traditional ties with the historically pro-corporate GOP. Coca-Cola recently sparked backlash for instructing employees in diversity training to be “less white,” as the New York Post reported.

It certainly suggests that things have changed when Democrats, the putative party of the working class, can bring a company like Coca-Cola to its knees with the ring of a bell. Even JPMorgan jumped in to denounce Georgia, as Fox Business noted.

One wonders how much longer corporate America can keep pushing to the left before a severance occurs.

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45 Responses

  1. obviously the dems and anyone not reading the bill, are only worried the republicans will start winning. I live in OHIO and have always had to show an ID. THIS IS NOT RACIST

    1. I am an old man, and I can’t tell you how many times I have had to show a photo ID for a number of different things, not just to vote! These Democrats are so evil that they will use any tactic, and cheat in every way imaginable to get what they want! As I have said many times, the American people had better wake up soon, get their heads out of where they don’t belong, and quit voting for Democrats! They are communists, and evil people, and they will destroy this country, if you allow them to! That communist, Zuckerberg, has banned me and many others, including Trump, from Facebook, which ought to tell you what he is!

      1. I’m 65 and still get asked for ID to buy cigarettes. Gimme a break! Or are the Democrats saying that minorities are too addle brained to either have or get ID’s? I think that would be a supremacist viewpoint on their end!
        What hypocrites!

    2. Well as the state goes how about banning there Coca-Cola products in that state and banned Delta flights to for interfering in state laws. I think that would get a rise out of them.

    3. Is “RACIST” the only word Stacey Abrams ever learned to spell? WHAT in the world does this or anything else this nut job ever complains about have to do with RACE…and then she can’t figure out why she didn’t win the governorship instead of Kent?!!!!

  2. A lot of people may like coca-cola,but it’s time to switch to pepsi, & also it’s time to ground Delta airlines birds!

    1. I agree with all above comments. We have to have valid ID for everything in this country! I always have had to have one! Everyone knows that! They are just ignoring facts. I have been a Coca Cola fan for years and will not be buying their product anymore. Hopefully, these companies will be made to face those of us in this country who want to uphold the laws!

      1. All of the comments made by everyone above are true and factual. I agree with everyone of them and as an AMERICAN and VETERAN I will NEVER support the communist democrats or any agenda they try to put out.

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    1. And therein lies the reason it’s wrong in the eyes of the hypocritical, vacuous Democrats, gene — it will eliminate their ability to commit voter fraud. THEN how will they ever win?? 🙁

  4. These left wing companies are being influenced by there communist Chinese masters and should be dealt with by the power of the dollars here at home. The Chinese would like nothing more than to have the ability commit fraud in our elections. Strong voter laws protect honest elections.

  5. Perhaps the “leaders” of Coke and Delta might want to take a look at the election Bill in Georgia and learn what it really says, not what they are told by the Administration and Pres Biden. Can we have a little truth in advertising here? I for one, am off Coke and will definitely not be going anywhere on Delta any time soon.

  6. Strong voting laws help honest elections. The 2020 elections were not honest elections. Never again. Never again. Any corporation should tell its Executives to read a law before speaking up. Ban Coke and don’t fly Delta!! FEC


  8. I am tired of seeing these corporations siding w/the demorcrats, American people need to stop buying their products. Voter ID is the most valuable thing we have, I have to show and ID to buy products, so the dems are so scared, they have to cheat, lie and steal to win. They tired to say Trump’s winn was fraud, if so why did we not have to protect the capital then. AMERICAN’s do need to take our country back.

  9. You have to have ID to fly on delta. I guess I won’t need ID to fly on delta anymore it’s racist to have ID to fly. Stupid people make stupid decisions. Delta and Coca cola are making stupid decisions. No more coke or Delta.

  10. My son had to show ID to get a pre-surgical covid test! Why would anyone — anyone — balk at needing to show ID to vote? Guarantee they have to show ID to make certain purchases, get medical care, buy a house, rent a place to live, get into certain venues, get onto planes, drive a car and on and on and on. The only reason I can even fathom someone thinking they shouldn’t need to show ID to vote would be because they are NOT eligible to vote in our country. And we know that’s the reason the Democrats are so adamant about not requiring it — it’s the only way they can win. They are a pathetic lot!! 🙁

  11. How juvenile! Those companies are shooting themselves in the arse on the say-so of a lying, senile old coot who is not the legitimate president! Georgia should tax those companies based there out of business! See how they like that! They have NO say in what the state legislature or governor decides to do as far as having FAIR voting laws!

  12. They are just afraid the Democrat’s I mean if you show ID they can’t cheat like they did this last election. Everyone should have to show I’d and fingerprints at every election period

  13. Coke needs to leave the south and head back to the blue states in the north and far west. There products are dead to us in the south.

  14. Went to fill papers out so I can get the Covid 19 vaccine and you have to show an ID before you can get the shots. I moved to Ohio in 1959 and every time I vote I have to show my drivers license and sign the register. So why is Stacey Abrams crying like a baby in Georgia about the bill? She still to this day has never conceded the governs election. What does that tell you about her and her cult followers?

  15. Fraud if 2020 presidential election is the fact while RECOUNT ballots were refused. Recount shall be done on demand of PRESIDENT Donald TRUMP and CORRUPTED jurisdiction not allowed. Proper lustration, getting arrest and incrimination after proving guiltiest shall be conducted!
    Voting procedures was set once by USA and need to be followed as the law, not just ID proof, but walk in, proving Citizenship is not sign of racism! Let’s beat the crsp out of our legislation and governing bodies!

  16. The only thing I can think of that people could complain about in the Bill signed by Gov. Kemp of Georgia (not any previous draft), is the requirement of ID. This has already been found legal in many States. As Candace Owens said just days ago, she is insulted that people feel a person of color is too stupid to find a DMV to get an ID. They’re free,

    But it seems everyone but Fox News is either lying about or is misquoting the Law. I wonder why.

  17. Who cares what coca cola thinks I’ll never have another coke product in my house. They need to sell there poison and stay out of politics. and consider that bidens new taxes they will be paying 32% they will be out of business soon enough.

  18. Its because demoncrats know that they won’t be able to cheat.I live in PA.and have to show id to except this past election and it was all because of the demoncrats changed the law without the house approval.

  19. Problem, Demo can’t read. They also keep there Demo cities with kids who can’t read and don’t know history.

  20. Why do people continue to address Biden as President? The world knows he, Biden, was not legally voted in as president. We’ve been lied to for over 4.5 years. About everything. STOP THE SPREAD.

  21. Can you say boy with a cott coca cola, they are not the only beverage that tastes good. Besides you can gain weight drinking this product.


  23. Delta, Coca-Cola, and American Airlines shareholders, do you agree with the positions of these “woke” CEOs because they are probably hurting the value of your shares? If not, push your Boards to move them out, or vote them out at your next chance.

  24. I gave up on Delta 10 years ago. Will never fly Delta and now this is just one more reason to not use them.

    Soda is bad for you so just don’t drink it. I don’t drink soda and if I might it won’t be coke.

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