Elon Musk plans to downsize Twitter’s staff

Elon Musk reportedly plans to make significant cuts to staffing if his plan to buy Twitter goes forward, according to a new report.

Musk could cut the current 7,500 employees to just 2,000, according to the Washington Post.

The claim

“Musk shared the plans as part of a pitch to get investors to help finance his $44 billion takeover of the company, which he has reportedly had trouble funding,” the Washington Examiner reported.

“Big changes are likely to be in store for Twitter as Musk focuses on free speech, with many employees already jumping ship from the social media platform, worrying about the changes coming to the company,” it added.

“Already, experts, nonprofits and even Twitter’s own staff have warned that pulling back investments on content moderation and data security could hurt Twitter and its users,” the Associated Press reported.

“With as drastic a reduction as Musk may be planning, the platform could quickly become overrun with harmful content and spam — the latter of which the Tesla CEO himself has said he’ll address if he becomes owner of the company,” it claimed.

Twitter has until Oct. 28 to finalize the deal with Musk to avoid another round in court.

The report regarding the number of employees cut was not confirmed by Twitter or Musk, with much still unknown regarding the company’s new plans.

Regardless of the outcome, Musk plans some major changes at Twitter, seeking to restore greater freedom for all of its users.