Secret Service emails reveal multiple biting incidents involving Biden’s dog, ‘Major’

Recall in March when there were scattered media reports of aggressive behavior and a biting incident involving one of President Joe Biden’s dogs, and how the White House downplayed what had occurred as an isolated incident that would be addressed by additional training.

It has now been revealed that, according to U.S. Secret Service emails obtained by the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), it wasn’t an isolated incident. Additionally, it appears as if the Biden White House lied about the severity of the issue, The Daily Wire reported.

As it turns out, there were multiple incidents of Biden’s young German Shepard, Major, biting Secret Service agents, White House staffers, and even a visiting guest, including a week-long stretch in early March when Major bit somebody every single day.

Incidents documented

According to the 36-pages of partially redacted Secret Service emails obtained by conservative government watchdog group Judicial Watch, Biden’s two dogs, Champ and Major, first arrived at the White House on Jan. 24, and it was quickly evident from warnings shared with others that Major, the younger of the pair, was going to present some problems.

Messages sent back and forth between then and mid-March revealed numerous instances of Major acting aggressively and nipping or biting people, at times causing bruising or puncture wounds or tearing clothing. Some people, including at least one unlucky Secret Service agent, were bitten by the dog on more than one occasion.

In concurrence with the White House messaging at the time, the emails show that the dogs were indeed sent back home to Delaware for a short time to receive additional training, but it is unclear what, if any, impact that training may have had in reducing the instances or ferocity of Major’s aggressiveness.

“We’re sure Major is a good dog but these records show he was involved in many more biting incidents than the Biden White House has publicly acknowledged,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said. “It is disturbing to see a White House cover-up of numerous injuries to Secret Service and White House personnel by the Bidens’ family pet.

Lying then, and now

The Daily Wire noted that at the time all of this was occurring on a regular basis, White House press secretary Jen Psaki and even President Biden himself downplayed the severity and frequency of the incidents and, more or less, lied to the American public about Major’s tendency to bite people.

During a press briefing Friday, Psaki was asked about her prior statements regarding the biting incidents and how, if the White House was being less than forthcoming and truthful about an admittedly “minor” story, how could they be trusted to tell the full truth on the bigger stories, such as what was happening in Afghanistan.

As usual, Psaki danced around the question without actually answering and simply repeated the same talking points from mid-March while downplaying the breaking story as if it was inconsequential.

Unnecessarily dishonest

But Psaki’s refusal to come clean about the dog biting incidents, even now several months later and after emails have proven the problem was bigger than initially acknowledged, simply underscores the perpetual dishonesty and blatant gaslighting employed by the current administration.

As the reporter at the White House insinuated Friday, if the White House will lie about something as relatively minor and trivial as aggressiveness and misbehavior from the president’s dog, what else of substantially greater importance have they been lying about or downplaying, or covering up?

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