State of emergency, curfew declared in Twin Cities after police shooting of Black man

Almost a year after the tragic death of George Floyd, Minnesota is once again brewing with unrest.

The Twin Cities declared a state of emergency Monday against the backdrop of former police officer Derek Chauvin’s trial and fresh riots sparked by the fatal shooting of Daunte Wright, Fox News reported.

Meanwhile, heads started to roll at the embattled Brooklyn City police department Tuesday as the officer involved in Wright’s death and the police chief resigned.

Footage of shooting released

Wright, a 20-year old Black man, had been stopped by police on Sunday for a traffic violation when officers attempted to arrest him for an outstanding warrant. He attempted to flee, and a scuffle ensued.

Now ex-police chief Tim Gannon had said Monday that an officer, Kim Potter, mistakenly reached for her firearm instead of a Taser.

Disturbing footage of the fatal encounter, released Monday, shows a female officer shouting “Taser! Taser! Taser!” and then, “Oh my god!” upon seeming to realize she shot Wright with a firearm. He then drives away and, according to reports, crashed his car.

Minneapolis on edge

The apparently accidental killing has been called an example of police brutality against Black people by protesters and local leaders, like Gov. Tim Walz (D).

Minneapolis and St. Paul are both under a curfew and state of emergency, and the security presence in the area has escalated. However, that did not prevent a second night of looting and clashes with police Monday that led to 40 arrests on charges from curfew violations to rioting.

Five businesses were looted, including a Dollar Tree that had its windows smashed, and some rioters tossed water bottles and fireworks at officers. The night prior, some shots were fired as some 20 businesses were looted. Protesters also threw bricks and frozen soda cans at officers, causing one to be hospitalized with a head injury, Gannon said.

Officer steps down

On Tuesday, Potter and Gannon both resigned.

“I have loved every minute of being a police officer and serving this community to the best of my ability, but I believe it is in the best interest of the community, the department, and my fellow officers if I resign immediately,” Potter said.

This comes as many fear that the current vigilante violence is just a prelude to what may transpire if Chauvin is acquitted of Floyd’s death.

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18 Responses

  1. The news people never give a complete description of what actually happen. Always the police fault the way the report is done. Instead what actually happen.

    1. These same idiots will be after the media idiots in the near future.Media is almost all white!Get them black folk

  2. Why do we need news networks or news people? When they only report their own version instead of the actual event or tragedy without pointing a finger. Specially when it comes to African Americans.

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  4. he was under arrests he broke the law 99.9 % his fault if the blaks do what the police say this won’t happen .i do what they say i never have any problems wake up your not above the law

  5. Well, what can one say? He was resisting arrest! If he had complied, he would still be alive! When will people understand the police are doing their jobs, if you resist, it is on YOU!

  6. As the gentleman above said, “When you’re being asked by the police to give them help in understanding your predicament, shut up and do as advised and no one gets excited and does something dangerous!” It’s so rediculous to think you’re going to get away, when you’re in the wrong and the police know it! Why is every single black person, no matter their crime, is just being picked on? If the police are so bad towards,, why i the world would any black person refuse to do what they’re told by a police officer? Come on! You can’t have it both ways! You’re not going to have a freebie by the police! They take their jobs seriously “TO PROTECT AND SAVE “!! Too bad the criminals don’t take this seriously,, but again, people on the left who believe all black people are truly above the law!!

  7. When get arrested obey the orders ,get a lawyer go to court and defend yourself don’t do what a lot of criminals try to resist arrest it isn’t to smart.If they didn’t break the law,they will be found not guilty.If they did break the law they will go to jail.There was no profiling,they stop him for whatever,he had a warrant,then”HE” decided to break the law again.He tried to get away.Are the cops suspposed to let him go.Didn’t he try to rob someone,pulled a gun on a woman,choked her.Then he left.Thats a crime.So don’t blame the cops””””

  8. This site will not accept a comment that tells the truth. Period.
    Do not waste your time.
    Their attitude is obvious Whites is wrong, Blacks are right.
    Their attitude is disgusting.

  9. Long gone is news that is reported factually and without opinion bias. Reporters today all seem to want to share their highly valued opinion and view of what the news is or was. It seems to be a 100% disease without a cure and has been in a pandemic mode for the last couple of decades.

    He didn’t deserve to be shot..BUT, he had a warrant (NOT a simple misdemeanor like MSM reports). Seems if people don’t commit crimes then try to run to escape THEIR own accountability (it’s usually the case)…it would put a FAST stop to a split second decision by an officer.. it seems all the people that have been shot did NOT teach anyone a VALUABLE lesson! DON’T RUN FROM THE POLICE! He knew he was being arrested for a warrant..but decided to run and try to escape answering to HIS crimes against others!! MSM keeps the HATE going by ONLY reporting what will CREATE MORE HATE!!
    The 2nd Amendment right “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”…not “except for” or “in case of”…ANY INFRINGEMENT is violating our right to defend ourselves from OUR OWN GOVERNMENT!! Guns don’t kill people…people kill people…why blame the gun??? THE ONLY REASON IS TO disarm the people…except for BLM AND such who WOULD STILL HAVE
    THEM! The last capitol attack, BLM showed up , armed.. no one cared.. but Gov wants YOUR guns..😂
    “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” is pretty clear, CANNOT be changed or altered to suit our Government!!!!
    Do white people need to protest for idiots to STOP BREAKING THE LAW, AND RUNNING FROM THEIR ACCOUNTABILITY!!
    Protestors DO NOT change our constitution no matter how hard they try…pretty soon..the Military and Patriots WILL stop this insanity of rioting, destruction, looting and murders by those ignorantly CLAIMING IT IS IN THE NAME OF JUSTICE🤣 what about the lady the guy choked? Where is HER justice?? HE decided she doesn’t get hers…but idiots who don’t know the whole story because they live by HATE and ANY opportunity to perpetuate stereotype thugs…don’t hestitate to destroy things and people as if they have a right…..but the innocent citizens are who rioters target and Dems let it happen…blame Dems.. NOT police….

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