‘All they do is enable him’: Pelosi lambasts press for constantly reporting on Trump

The poor mainstream media just can’t seem to get on Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) good side.

In a new interview published by the Hollywood Reporter, the House speaker lamented the media’s singular obsession with Donald Trump, which she said makes them “accomplices” in building the president up.

Pelosi told actress and interviewer Olivia Wilde that the media helped Trump beat Hillary Clinton in 2016 by dedicating so much press to his candidacy.

“All they do is enable him, and that is really a sad thing,” she said, according to the Washington Examiner.

Monopolizing the airwaves

It would be an understatement to say that the media lives off Donald Trump — specifically, attacking him. Trump’s unpredictable, irreverent behavior is an endless source of outrage for an elite media that hates nothing more than having to take Trump seriously.

But while much of their coverage is hostile, Pelosi doesn’t see that as a disadvantage for Trump. Trump seems to thrive on the hate — the motto “no publicity is bad publicity” is his M.O., she says, and it works for him.

“He has a tactic, one that is used by autocrats, which is, ‘Just as long as they’re talking about me, no matter if it’s bad, then you’re not talking about my opponent.’ When [the press was] talking about him, they weren’t saying what Hillary was going to do about health care, to make our economy fair,” Pelosi said.

She went on: “I’ve said to many of my friends in the press, ‘You’re accomplices, whether you want to be or not,’ [and they say,] ‘If he’s saying it, then it’s news.’ I don’t think it’s news, but it monopolizes the airwaves. So there is a lot of responsibility to go around in terms of the creation of whatever that is in the White House.”

Guardians of democracy?

Ironically, while the media pretty much repeats whatever talking points Pelosi is spouting at the moment, one could argue that their knee-jerk hostility has not only amplified Trump, but made him a more sympathetic figure. A new poll shows that support for Trump has increased in three key battleground states since Democrats and their media allies launched their impeachment inquiry, Axios reports.

Pelosi’s interview comes days before the Friday release of a movie starring Wilde, Richard Jewell, which tells the true story of a hero cop who was wrongly accused by the FBI and journalists of a bombing. The movie has sparked a predictable backlash from journalists, who have said that Wilde’s depiction of a reporter who sleeps with an FBI agent (Jon Hamm) for tips is defamatory, according to Fox News.

Others have criticized the movie’s subtext of the media and the FBI smearing an innocent person. It’s an oddly timely story, coming in the wake of a stunning inspector general report that revealed, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the FBI spied on Carter Page, a Trump campaign member, with no real evidence to justify doing so.

Of course, the media is still Pelosi’s ally, and she said as much when she toasted them as the “guardians of democracy” after unveiling impeachment articles against Trump this week, Breitbart noted. But even Pelosi seems to get that they’re unintentionally helping her enemy.

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