‘Disgraceful’: Critics want CNN to cancel Cuomo brothers’ joint ‘interviews’

It’s not that funny. Critics are now calling for CNN to cancel New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s (D) nightly “interviews” with his younger brother, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, Fox News reported.

During their most recent appearance on Wednesday, the brothers joked around about the governor’s recent public coronavirus test, during which little brother Chris produced a prop of a giant cotton swab and teased his older brother about the size of his nose.

Needless to say, the segment didn’t go over particularly well with many viewers.


From the beginning of the pandemic in early March until today, Gov. Cuomo has appeared on CNN at least 20 times, half of those appearances on his brother’s “Primetime” program.

In all of those appearances, the governor has yet to be asked even once about his now-rescinded order placing COVID-19 positive patients in nursing homes, which essentially seeded the coronavirus among the vulnerable nursing home population in New York.

Cancel it

Following the Cuomo brothers’ shenanigans on Wednesday, viewers called on CNN to intervene and put an end to the ridiculous segments, which were never all that funny to begin with.

Reason magazine’s Robby Soave decried the brotherly interviews as “disgraceful” and an embarrassment for the network. “Policymakers of all political stripes deserve harsh scrutiny from journalists. That’s why CNN should end the Cuomo & Cuomo Show. It’s disgraceful, and the network knows better,” he wrote.

Along those same lines, Mediaite declared the Cuomo brothers to be its “media losers” of the week, writing, “The routine, the governor of one of the hardest-hit states being interviewed by, and frequently joking around with, his own brother, is not a good one, for the network or the brothers,” and as such was an “all-around losing media moment.”

A former CNN staffer named Steve Krakauer, now the editor of Fourth Watch, had already dubbed the absurd interviews as “Keeping up with the Cuomos” and wrote that, following this latest appearance, “It became clear it needs to be put on hiatus, if not outright canceled.”

Fox News noted that even CNN’s own media “watchdog,” Brian Stelter, surprisingly raised the issue in his Thursday newsletter and wrote, “Chris Cuomo’s segments with his New York Governor brother Andrew are coming under more and more scrutiny, especially after Wednesday’s giant test swab joke.”

The ball is in CNN’s court now

There is a time and a place for lighthearted segments on cable news — even in grim times. That said, the Cuomo brothers’ comedy routine has definitely pushed the boundaries.

Will CNN take note?

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