End of prosperity: Biden’s team is admitting inflation is here

Presidencies are defined by the economy – and while Biden has been reaping the benefits of a strong Trump economy, that could change and soon.

Inflation, the beast that killed the Jimmy Carter presidency, is about to rear its ugly head. And even Biden’s advisors are admitting it.

The Epoch Times reports:

Speaking to Fox News, Council of Economic Advisers chair Cecilia Rouse was asked about whether the trillions of dollars in new and proposed spending will lead to inflation.

“These are very serious concerns, and we know that coming out of an extremely deep recession that there are going to be bumps along the way. We expect that there is going to be supply chain disruptions. That will cause some transitory increases in prices,” Rouse responded.

There have been fears that with the considerable amount of spending, starting with last year’s CARES Act stimulus package and subsequent packages, higher inflation won’t be transitory.

Anyone that’s tried to buy a home recently knows that inflation is already here. And it’s hitting the middle class harder than anyone.

If middle-class Americans feel the pinch of Biden’s extravagant money printing, they won’t be forgiving in 2022 or 2024.

That’s something that Biden, and the Democrats, have to be in fear of.

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4 Responses

  1. Pelosi will feed Biden to the dogs by July 4 then Harris will have a good laugh with this

  2. It would appear we are in the “calm before the storm”, i.e. reasonable financial comfort Vs inflation reducing our purchasing power. Could those in the know not take actions necessary to minimize the effects of the anticipated inflation? We shall see how our leaders do or do not perform!

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  4. You can see that inflation is already here with the cost of things like gas, rent, and groceries alone going up higher and higher every day. Gas alone has gone up over 50 cents a gallon since Biden took office. I’m hoping Trump runs in 2024 with DeSantis as his running mate he will once again destroy the democrats

  5. All one needs to do is look around. Utilities have been granted 12% increases. Fuel has gone from $1.17 a gallon one year ago to 2.79 a gallon ( Michigan)
    Shelves are bare in grocery stores.
    Prices for ALL FOOD have gone up.

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