End of year report: Pres. Biden only grants 16 interviews during first year, leaves White House 30 times

We’re approaching the end of President Joe Biden’s first year in office and one thing that Biden has proven over this first year is that he has been one of the least accessible presidents in recent memory. 

Or, in other words, Biden, throughout his first year, has taken his basement campaign strategy to the Oval office.

The numbers

According to a new report, Biden has granted only 16 interviews as president, and it’s likely you can guess who got those interviews (the mainstream media).

Because there are so few, we can actually list them. Biden did 3 interviews with ABC, 2 with CBS, 2 with NBC, 1 with MSNBC, 1 with UNIVISION, 1 with ESPN, 3 with PRINT, and 3 with Local TV. He also has done 3 CNN Town Hall events.

Biden, here, doesn’t come any near his predecessors. Former President Donald Trump, for example, by this time in his presidency, had given 72 interviews. And, Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, Biden’s former boss, gave 155.

Compared to those two, Biden, more or less, hasn’t been heard from. And, we all know what happens when he does actually speak: things are heavily scripted, reporters are selected, and if anything goes wrong, the film is cut.

Consider all the times that Biden has said that he is not allowed to take questions. Or, consider what White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki just told reporters who asked when they could hear from Biden: “It depends on what you ask,” Psaki said.

But, it’s not just Biden’s lack of interviews that is raising eyebrows.

Biden has also spent more time away from the White House than any president in recent memory.

As of December 17th, Biden has left the White at least 30 times. In terms of days, that’s 89 days.

Again, if we look at Biden’s most recent predecessors, there is no comparison.

Trump, for example, only spent about 41 days away at a similar point in his presidency, Obama only eight days, and George W. Bush 57 days.

So, to sum up, Biden has not only been one of the least accessible presidents during his first year, but he has also been one of the presidents who has spent the least amount of time at the White House during this time period. For those who believe that Biden isn’t really the one running the show, none of this will come as a surprise.

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