‘Enemy of the truth’: C-SPAN callers shred CNN’s Brian Stelter

A strident enemy of Donald Trump was slaughtered on live television Tuesday.

CNN host Brian Stelter was told repeatedly by C-SPAN callers that his network is an agent of hatred and lies, with one man labeling CNN an “enemy of the truth” in a blistering broadside, according to Fox News.

Stelter shredded by C-SPAN callers

Stelter, who hosts a show called Reliable Sources, is known for pontificating about the media’s importance as a purveyor of truth, earning him the nickname “hall monitor.”

Outside the comfortable confines of the studio, Stelter was called “Humpty Dumpty,” a “joke,” and a “stooge,” as people phoned into Washington Journal to criticize his home network as a source of divisive propaganda, the Washington Examiner reported.

One man, a Minnesotan, lamented CNN’s inescapable presence in airports and accused the channel of spreading falsehoods and outright defamation, pointing to the case of Nick Sandmann, who settled a multi-million dollar lawsuit with the network, according to Fox.

“You defamed a child,” the man said, as Fox reported.

“You guys always talk about how many times Trump has lied, I’ve calculated and, I think with your chyrons,” he added, according to Fox. “I don’t know if there are any journalists left at CNN but I know that, if I were to estimate, about 300 different distortions or misinformation that we get out of CNN.”

Stelter: Media not the “enemy”

In response, Stelter conceded that journalists do have liberal biases, but complained that “radicalization” has wrongly convinced some to view the media as an “enemy.”

“I know you’re not the only person that feels this way,” Stelter said, according to Fox. “There has been a process of radicalization that’s happened in this country with media bashing that is absolutely unprecedented.” (It doesn’t seem to have dawned on Stelter that the media has undergone “radicalization.”)

Another man said it’s no secret that Stelter is “not reliable” before slamming CNN for a chyron that described riots as “fiery but mostly peaceful,” according to the Washington Examiner.

“There’s a couple comments, one about their chyrons that they put underneath while people are watching things, like the other day they put on ‘Fiery but mostly peaceful protests,'” the man said. “Yeah, laugh there, Humpty Dumpty, we all know you’re not reliable. You’re nothing but a stooge.”

Stelter, according to Fox, said that the chyron was “probably a mistake.”

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