‘Enough already’: Fox star Lara Logan slams Delta Airlines over criticism of Georgia election law

Under threat of boycotts and activist-led pressure campaigns, a growing number of major corporations have publicly denounced new election reform laws like one that recently passed in the state of Georgia. But after the chaos that was the 2020 presidential race, it was clear that something had to be done — and now, one conservative voice is calling out those who say otherwise.

Fox News contributor Lara Logan went nuclear on Friday against the CEOs of companies decrying the new and improved election rules, calling the executives “pathetic, weak-moral cowards” who are merely bowing to the cancel culture mob.

“Enough already”

Logan’s tirade came during Friday’s episode of Fox’s Outnumbered. She was responding to recent public comments expressing opposition to Georgia’s new election integrity law from the CEO of the Atlanta-based Delta Airlines.

“Why is the legislation being reviewed by the CEO of any private company? ” Logan said, according to Fox. “I mean, you know what? What comes to mind for me is what Davy Crockett said — I think he said it best — ‘Y’all can all go to hell, and I’ll go to Texas.’ OK?”

She went on:

Because I’m sick and tired. I know I speak on behalf of millions of people in this country who want to say to the pathetic, weak-moral cowards who are leading these companies, who are so worried about the mob and cancel culture and everybody else, it’s enough already. Time to stop.

“We all know what real racism is and what real racism looks like, and you’re not fooling anybody,” Logan added. “It’s dishonest. It’s fundamentally morally depraved.”

Corporate tyranny

Logan also called the move from the airline executive — and others who have blasted the Georgia law — “tyrannical.”

“That’s what we’re really looking at here. This is a form of tyranny,” the Fox contributor reportedly said. “And the real question is, why don’t you want more secure voting laws? What’s wrong with that? Because no one here is trying to talk about how we can make the bill better, what we can really do that addresses concerns.”

She went on: “No, what they are talking about is how to silence and intimidate and oppress every single person who doesn’t agree with them. So you know what I’m going to do? I’m going to fly Southwest. That’s what I’m going to do.”

“Crystal clear”

In his statement, which came in the form of a memo to employees, Delta CEO Ed Bastian called the new Georgia law “unacceptable” and said it “does not match Delta’s values,” according to NBC News.

Similar remarks came later that day from Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey. “Let me be crystal clear and unequivocal, this legislation is unacceptable,” he said, according to NBC.

As Lara Logan said, enough is enough — and at some point, these corporations are going to have to decide who they fear most: the loud activists who make up the “woke” mob, or the quiet consumers whose cash keeps their lights on?

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21 Responses

    1. So Delta airlines and their CEO’s values are a firm commitment to voter fraud and lying. Ok I guess that explains their crappy service and three layovers to get anywhere.

      Delta Airlines has been a morally corrupt, dishonest, fundamentally morally depraved airline for a long time. i done need to fly Delta and now I will not.

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  2. Right, I will refuse to show ID on Delta flights because it’s Racist, I will refuse to show ID to buy Coke’s alcoholic beverages they market and see how many I walk home with. I want to know how such ignorant people got placed as CEO’s of these companies?

    1. the dumbest people always get higher up jobs because they can’t do a job that they have to work at

      1. that they they are usually someones butt buddy

  3. Since Delta Airlines requires Photo ID to access their flights, wouldn’t this be a double standard again – like most if nit all democratic symptoms?!

  4. These week knead sniveling scum CEO’s, that bow to the cancel culture and the communist Chinese dictators that want nothing more than to corrupt our election system, should be shown the power of our rebuke by canceling them from our market decisions, permanently

  5. I would encourage everybody to stop flying Delta Airlines and any Coke products.
    Remember folks, business only exists because of us (customers).

    1. Is there anyone out there who understands why people have been coming to America since we became a country? Too bad we are now like all the rest. I feel sorry for the legal immigrants who risked everything to come here.

  6. Delta, Coke and the baseball idiots will never see another dollar of mine. And
    particularly baseball, stick to what you might know best, baseball, not

  7. A whole lot of minorities drink alcohol an smoke cigarettes, YOU NEED ID TO PURCHASE BOTH !!! They cant fool me,

  8. These CEO’s have no right to criticize GA voter legislation. If they don’t like it move out of Georgia. I will never again fly on Delta Airlines. I don’t drink coke and never will. I encourage others to do the same. Let them see how long they can stay in business.

  9. Everything else requires ID. How dare you corporate brats think you can run politics in our state. It’s the people here not you that count and pay taxes. If you weren’t getting tax breaks you wouldn’t be here. Go elsewhere you’re not needed here in GA. You went too far.

  10. So disappointed in Delta and Coke. Why are they getting involved in politics? They depend on the public for their business, so why are they cutting off over half of their patrons. I for one will do my best to avoid Coke or Delta.

  11. WTH is wrong with these simple minded cowardly little CEO”s? It’s so simple to deal with these loud mouth leftwing activists who come knocking at your door to support their communist dictates. Just tell them that you are an independent company who works for all of the people of America. And that you refuse to get involved with politics. Simply say; “we will remain neutral, we have a business to run. Thank you, and goodbye”.

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