Eric Adams complains about unfairness of sanctuary cities carrying weight of illegal immigration

 January 26, 2023

It didn't take long for pie-in-the-sky liberals to change their tune about illegal immigration.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams complained on Wednesday that it was "unfair" for sanctuary cities to "carry the weight" of illegal immigration, now that Texas is sending buses of migrants from overcrowded border towns to self-declared sanctuary cities like New York.

"Well, I believe that when I took the trip to El Paso, you can see firsthand the impact of how it not only harm the foundation of El Paso, but look at Chicago, Houston, Washington, New York City, this is just unfair for cities to carry the weight of a national problem," Adams told MSNBC. "We’re going to open for more hotels, emergency hotels...This as a major financial impact on New York City and cities across this country that are receiving the brunt of it."

Adams also complained that he wasn't able to identify anyone in the Biden administration who could help him figure out how to deal with the influx.

"Pathway continues to lead to New York"

"I was told that we have an individual that’s coordinating the operation. And as I shared with White House officials, why don’t I know who that is? It’s about having a real decompression strategy, looking at who’s coming in and ensuring that it is really a burden by the entire country, not just a few cities, and just the pathway continues to lead to New York," he explained.

Of course, Adams' logic broke down after that, and he devolved into blaming Republicans for the entire problem.

If only Republicans would agree to "comprehensive immigration reform," Adams said, the migrants would stop coming.

This makes no sense at all--if other nations thought the U.S. was letting illegal border crossers stay legally, they would flood the border in much greater numbers.

Democrats want amnesty because they know most migrants will vote Democrat, and they will likely never lose another election again.

Looking to get new Democrat voters

Dealing with the migrants in the meanwhile, though: let someone else do that, Adams said in so many words.

That's the problem with sanctuary city policies; they like the idea of allowing migrants to be in the country, but they don't want to do the actual work that comes from having them in their cities.

New York has had to open five new shelters to house these migrants, along with repurposing hotels and homeless shelters.

Seems like Adams should have thought of that before deciding to adopt sanctuary city policies; you know, count the cost.

But Democrats would rather count the potential new voters and take their chances on the rest.

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