‘I’m done’: Eric Bolling storms out of BBC interview after spat with fellow guest

The vicious personal attacks that liberals deploy to silence debate are often met with capitulation, but every once in a while, a brave soul pushes back.

Former Fox News star Eric Bolling stormed off the set of BBC’s Newsnight after a liberal guest suggested he was racist during a debate on Georgia’s new voting law, the Washington Examiner reported Thursday.

“Because I’m white, you think I’m racist?” Bolling said. “I’m done.”

“All a lie”

Up to a point, Bolling and fellow guest Aisha Mills were simply talking past each other. Bolling criticized “woke” corporations for “alienating” their conservative customers, while Mills stuck closely to the “Jim Crow” playbook, arguing that conservatives have to “rig” elections because “they lose” otherwise.

Things escalated when Mills levied a racial attack at Bolling, accusing him of feigning concern over the welfare of Black people hurt by Major League Baseball’s decision to boycott Georgia at the behest of President Joe Biden and Democrats.

Bolling had pointed out that none other than Stacey Abrams, a Black woman and left-wing operative, had lamented the effects of MLB’s decision. But in Mills’ view, Bolling’s identity rendered the point moot.

“I think it’s really rich for any Republican, especially a white man, to run around and claim that they care about the economic condition of Black communities and Black businesses when that’s all a lie,” she said, according to the Examiner.

“That’s disgusting”

The segment came to an abrupt stop when Bolling decided he’d had enough “BS.” He said he would stay if Mills apologized, but she refused.

“I’m done. Put me off. That’s disgusting,” Bolling fired back, according to the Examiner. “I am nowhere near anything you are painting me to be, and the problem with American politics is exactly that. Because I’m white, you think I’m racist? That’s BS.”

According to those on the left, Georgia’s newest voting measure is racist, and anyone who disagrees with that assessment is, too. Of course, this is their take on virtually every topic of importance: anyone not on their side is a bigot who should be ignored.

It’s difficult to argue with such sweeping, incendiary charges. It’s impossible to argue against the kind of determined bigotry displayed by Mills.

When the “debate” ends and turns into a humiliation ritual, as in this case, a reaction like Bolling’s is completely understandable.

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23 Responses

    1. I think Eric Bolling was completely justified in walking off like he did. He was more than fair, giving the other person a chance to rein in her unfair, insulting and unjustified remarks and get the discussion back on track. Fairness is something we need more of!

      1. The commierats are the ones that make promises to the black communities n then leave them hanging…they are the ones who oppress those in the communities…ya play the race card as usual… well they are on to you… PRESIDENT TRUMP DID more for blacks than anyone has ever done…he have opportunities to everyone… everyone n you saw the record breaking at every level… he’s not a politician… he’s a very smart businessman… that’s how you get things done…he LISTENED to the American people n did what they asked…no playing politics…he LOVES THIS COUNTRY N THAT’S WHY HE RAN FOR THE BEST PRESIDENT EVER… HE’S STILL MY PRESIDENT..NOT THE ILLEGITIMATE BOZO IN OFFICE NOW…. FOLLOWING OVOMITS DIRECTION…HA SOME SCHOOLS THAT WANTED OVOMIT NAME ON THE SCHOOLS N THEY REJECTED HIM N IT WAS HIS OWN COMMIERATS… HAHAHA YA HE WAS PRESIDENT…THE WORST PRESIDENT… EXCEPT FOR CHINA JOE….

  1. All sides of the race issue are prejudice. Most people do not know that prejudice means “pre judge” or “preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience, to make a judgement before facts are established”. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Prejudice has become this ambiguous word that stirs up discontent, very much like the word rhetoric, which means, “the art of effective or persuasive speaking or writing, especially the use of figures of speech and other compositional techniques: he is using a common figure of rhetoric, hyperbole.”

    1. I think it is perfectly fine to disagree and say so out loud… if..you have a supporting argument as to why you disagree; based on facts, experiences, witnesses, etc. In point of fact, by what you wrote above, you have proved me correct in saying so, because from everything I’ve heard of the argument on the other side, meaning those who oppose the Georgia voting law, there are no facts to substantiate the wild claims being levied against it. It comes from prejudiced views and a false narrative.
      I long for the time when people of opposite points of view can disagree respectfully, not just words, but really show respect to the other person’s perspective, without humiliation, insult, badgering and name calling. Where is the unification in that?
      By the way, I checked out the new law and it looks better than it was, for all citizens. I could not find anywhere in it that would hinder or burden anyone from exercising their legal right to vote.

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  3. Well, you remember what your mother told you. “Every fox smells its own hole. Which for those who don’t recognize what I’m saying. A person that says you are racist, is the one that is racist. The Democrats want to treat the black community as if they aren’t even smart enough to get a valid id. Every sensible person knows, they are as smart as a lot of white people, and some even smarter.

  4. The very word “racists'”, and all its different connotations, has been rendered useless and ignorable. If every deed, thought, color, or word is now considered to be racist, then just accept the improbable thought that everything and everyone has suddenly become racist and lets move on the next problem. When I read anything that in includes racists as the reason for everything, I just close the page and move on. Even to consider that somethings racists because you disagree is like claiming a palsy patient would make an excellent practicing brain surgeon. Not everything is true.

  5. This country needs to stand up to the radical left and stop their adjectives and turn to a real relationship with God . They have changed our values that are now evil. This of course is in the Bible and people need to take time to read the last book in the Bible and open up eyes and prayer as never before.

  6. Boiling should never have given “IN” to the baiting. IF ,he were better informed , he could have stood his ground and destroyed the “woke” narrative , instead, he “quit”. Verbal sparring is an “art form” , and in light of today’s “woke crowd” , your data must be FACT BASED , verifiable on many levels , and articulated in such a manner as to be “invincible” . Let us say for an example. The “other side” are bullies on the school yard , and you are an “army of one” . Your chances of beating 3 or more at one time is slim. So , you must BEAT the leader and put them down as quickly as possible , and the other two , will either try somewhat , or flee. So , in a verbal sparring , your adversary “points out” that you are a “racist” , or “white supremist”, you must FORCE the issue of how and why you are a “bad guy” and make THEM PROVE that you are. Then YOUR next move is to smash their accusations with facts and verifiable data to show just how wrong they are and that in fact , it is they who are “the racist/supremists” , and show EVERYBODY listening just how truthful you are . If one reads a book on history , you will see footnotes as to where your quotes , facts , figures , and other data came from.
    Lawyer. “When did you beat your wife? Answer . I never beat my wife. Lawyer. When did you stop?
    Questions made to make YOU LOOK bad , can be sidestepped and put to bed easily with the right answer and facts.

    1. I’m sorry but the anger he felt was too much to tolerate. I’m surprised he only said what he said. Enough with the art of “verbal sparring”. This is not a psychological contest. It’s real, it’s disgusting, it’s deeply offensive and I don’t blame him one bit. As far as I’m concerned these types of very insulting and pig headed liberals, can all go to hell. Enough is enough. Every damn thing is racist!!! Come on… Dumbo.. Dr. Seuss and Mr. Potato Head???? These people have lost their damn minds!!

  7. You can quit showing me this sight . Iy is no more than a bunch of rhinos. You will not let anyone tell the truth. Good riddance.

  8. Democrats want us to hate each other,that way they can keep lying to the black people and control them.Biden said quote”you are not black if vote against democrats “Biden was for segregation,he didn’t want his kids going to school with black students “Black people need to read up on what Biden really feels about black peoples.Read the facts.

  9. Good for him. Every time a liberal pulls this the conservative should walk away. Walk Away from the lies, walk away from the haters. As soon as they pull the race card all discussion stops. In my experience,the white people in this country are the least racist of the races out there. Blacks need to stop teaching their children to hate others because of their skin color.

  10. The left is using the old Communist method repeat the same thing in any discussion and people will believe you.The communist’s saying you are a capitalist the new sayings you are a racist, Obama is the instigator and there are to many incult people that believe this.

  11. The Democrats has spread so much HATE to the people that everybody is starting to hate and not trust one another. We the people should only Hate the ones that are spreading the Hate for their own gains in trying to get away with this stolen election and become our DICTATERS.

  12. What ever happened to what you acomplished not your color set the standard of who,whom and what.No doubt Obama is behind a lot of this, he racked in big money and his rant against us. Obama is just one of many crumbs takeing our hard earned money, a good many have been in office for way too long, now they feel what ever they get is theirs regardless of whom they tromp on.

  13. Obama played “ the race card” and still is! He wants a “ race war” because getting people in our country to hate and fight each other will destroy us from the inside! Obama should be deported back to Kenya and Soros back to Hungary! Wake up people! We are AMERICANS, we are ALL people of “color! “ race” is just a word, used to separate us! Stop the “ racist rhetoric” and worry about where our country is headed. It will take all of us, no matter your color, to fight this evil scourge trying to destroy us!

  14. They are Demon-rats and their mascot is a jacka$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Just follow the money! Look into their eyes and you can see something is missing! GOD SAVE THE USA!

  15. Where’s a picture of this guy so we know who he is, I just might recognize him as someone I do know but not his name. There are plenty of Biden pictures and the article isn’t about him. What is with all the pictures of Biden all over these articles any ways.

  16. Pretty obvious.. when the left doesn’t have a good argument, the race card is played to stop the need for providing an an answer. This must stop. We need intelligent discussions .

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