ESPN devotes hours to Roe v Wade coverage instead of covering sports

Sports network ESPN devoted much of its coverage on Friday to the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe V. Wade, even though the ruling had little to do with sports, at least not directly. 

The network started out by covering NBA superstar LeBron James’s retweet on the issue, which claimed that if the abortion issue wasn’t “about power and control,” the government would give everyone free healthcare and daycare and college tuition.


Focus on sports

Next, they talked to women in the WNBA. Is anyone watching that anymore? And also, aren’t most of the players gay? Why would they need abortions? Just saying.

They also had an anchor/host nearly crying on air while talking about the decision and mischaracterizing it.

Why, oh why, does ESPN feel it needs to cover this issue? There is simply no good reason for it.

Losing ratings

Hasn’t the network lost enough ratings by trying to be woke and inserting politics into sports? Don’t the powers that be care that they are turning off viewers in droves and are straying from their mission to cover the world of sports better than anyone else can?

People who watch ESPN just want to see sports scores and highlights and hear their favorite players talk about their sports careers and the game. They want sports news, not their favorite players being political mouthpieces for the woke left.

It is glaringly obvious that ESPN’s target audience doesn’t want to hear political statements on abortion any more than Disney’s target audience wants to have stories about LGBTQ lifestyles shoved down their throats.

Both of them are suffering because neither will just give the target audience what it wants. And unfortunately for everyone, it’s probably not going to change any time soon.

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