Obama-era ethics chief calls foul on Hunter Biden’s art auction

Even dutiful shills for former President Barack Obama have to admit that Hunter Biden’s grifting has become too obnoxious to ignore.

According to The Daily Wire, Walter Shaub, the former ethics chief under Obama, called Hunter’s upcoming art auction a pretty obvious front for influence-peddling — or worse.

Shaub cries foul

Shaub had previously shared his disappointment upon discovering that President Joe Biden is not the squeaky clean altar boy he pretends to be for the cameras, saying it “royally sucks” that Biden aides had secured cushy jobs for their relatives.

Recently, The Washington Post published another report on what it calls the ethical “challenges” posed by Hunter Biden’s art auction scheduled for this fall, where his pieces will go for as much as $500,000. It was previously known that the buyers would remain unknown, which led reasonable people to see an influence-peddling scheme in the making.

But the White House reached a compromise (an ethical one, obviously) whereby Hunter would also be kept in the dark as to who is buying, the Post said.

A New York gallery owner, Georges Bergès, will “withhold all records” and promises to “reject any offer that he deems suspicious or that comes in over the asking price.” But as the Post notes, art deals are often difficult to trace, and there’s little in practice to stop one hand from washing the other.

Shaub told the paper that its clear buyers would be “paying for [his] last name,” and in a Twitter thread he expanded on his disillusionment, calling the art industry “fertile ground” for money laundering and noting that the anonymous buyers could always tip off the president’s son.

The Biden grift gravy train continues without remorse

With characteristic chutzpah, the White House reiterated its claim that Joe Biden is the most ethical president in American history and defended Hunter Biden, saying he has a right to pursue a “career” of his own.

Hunter Biden’s art has received some lacerating reviews, with one critic describing it as “generic post-zombie formalism illustration” and another as hotel art, “somewhere between a screen saver and if you just Googled ‘midcentury abstraction’ and mashed up whatever came up.”

But even those who say it’s “not bad” acknowledge that the prices are vastly inflated.

This brazen corruption comes on top of Hunter Biden’s well-documented international business deals, which his father has never been forced to properly account for, though evidence is mounting that points to the elder Biden being in the loop regarding his son’s deals, during his vice presidency.

Only time will tell if Hunter Biden is once again using his father to score easy dough, but given the state of journalistic integrity these days, we’ll likely never know.

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