Pro-Biden evangelical group expresses dismay over administration’s abortion policies

According to one poll conducted last year, evangelical Christians represented former President Donald Trump’s most loyal supporters, based in large part on their opposition to abortion.

One outlier was the group Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden, which threw its support behind Democratic nominee Joe Biden ahead of November’s election. It appears members of that group are now experiencing some buyer’s remorse.

“To have serious conversations”

A recent article in TheBlaze referenced the disappointment now being expressed by one of the group’s leaders in response to the Biden administration’s pro-choice policies.

Richard Mouw, president emeritus of California’s Fuller Seminary, told the Christian Post that he is particularly dismayed over the president’s support for repealing the Hyde Amendment.

As the theological scholar noted, the longstanding policy has prohibited federal tax dollars from being using to support abortion — but Biden wants that to change.

Mouw noted that his alignment with the pro-Biden group was offered “with the understanding that they would urge the White House to have serious conversations with Catholics and evangelicals who are right-to-life people.”

Thus far, however, he noted that “we haven’t had those conversations,” expressing his concern that “leaving the Hyde Amendment out of this particular package, this latest COVID package, is a signal that … there really … is no room for that kind of conversation.”

“A broader range of issues”

Although he has come to regret his public endorsement of the president, he does not consider it a mistake to cast his ballot for the Democratic nominee.

As justification for his vote, he pointed to his fears that a younger generation of evangelicals was being turned off by the acceptance of Trump’s perceived moral shortcomings.

Mouw went on to share his concern that Christians could “lose them to evangelicalism because of what is perceived as a mean-spirited, highly partisan commitment on the part of the older generation of evangelicals” who voted overwhelmingly in support of the former president.

“We thought it was important to hold up the right to life position and, at the same time, say it’s OK to be concerned about a broader range of issues such as global warming and children at the border separated from their parents and those kinds of questions,” he added.

After previously supporting the Hyde Amendment, Biden flipped his position during the presidential campaign, asserting in June: “I can’t justify leaving millions of women without access to the care they need and the ability to exercise their constitutionally protected right.”

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19 Responses

    1. I don’t know whom you are talking too but I certainly didn’t not vote for dementia Biden. This last election had to be fraud because how could anyone expect to win otherwise is beyond comprehension. This was the most rigged election in history I think.
      They have a lot of evidence but no one will look at it seriously so there are multiple people in on the fraud.

    2. Yes, I agree. Do voters ever understand the consequences of their votes? I am dismayed. Thousands more babies will be deleted this year. They are not worthy to live, even though they are “blessings from God”.

  1. It has been biden against Christianity for decades. Guess you don’t pay attention to the news. You got what you deserved, a pervert.

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  3. Christianity and democrats are like oil and water they DON’T MIX! Maybe they should open their Bible’s and actually read God’s word and follow it. There’s nowhere in the Bible that says pro choice is ok. It says thou shall not kill!

  4. Anyone could see what was coming and it will get worse. Harris and Nancy are really running this country. Makes my heart break.

  5. I don’t remember ever seeing abortion in the bill of rights so lying joe is at it again, making up some new rights, what a clown.

    1. I agree Jim, he has always been a liar and I don’t know how people can think he won the election.
      He has already started the rapid destruction of the greatest country in the world and I think he is to
      dumb to even know it.

  6. What did they expect? Any fool would have known all demonrats are pro choice! The evangelicals need to wake up and pay attention to what is bieng said by these politicians! They SAID they are pro choice!

  7. He bluffed you and many others! I expected more from this evangelical group but got less! I pray they listen better and look at the person running and the party they are running for! The democratic party was and is very well known to be for abortion up til and after birth! I can’t believe they did not know that!

  8. I’m sorry, but your comments, and your votes for Biden exhibit both a lack of intelligence, and a rabid disregard for any common sense. I am uncertain how anyone who reads and believes the Bible, could vote for 95% of those in the Democratic party, seeing as they openly express disdain for God and total acceptance for the cruel murder of infants. Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, and others–as well as those who voted for them, will answer to God for their actions. Either now, in this day and age, or later on, when they kneel before Him and accept their fate.

  9. Hey Mouw, you still feel your vote for this illegitimate Biden was for the better? You are one misguided nut case. It’s unbelievable to me that morons like you are leading any organization. No wonder this country is so screwed up and with the dems in control, it will only get worse.

  10. We need to do what we did when we went into an enemy village & Just kill all the sorry enemy off and let god sort them out. It worked 50 yrs ago , I don’t know why it wouldn’t work now. Come to think about it,,,it was the worthless Democrats who wouldn’t let us win that war, plus for every one of our boys killed over there the Dems brought 10 of the so called refugee’s over here and gave each of them $50K a new car,a home,and a job. what did they do for our boys that were lucky enough to come home ? . Most of them ended up living on the streets in boxes because all the Gooks had all the jobs thanks to the damn Democrats. Now they are doing the same thing again. The Democrat/China flu orchestrated by the Dems. Then most working people were layed off and told to stay home and the only people left to work were the ones who worked in food plants and other types of businesses that produced human needs products. And Now the new Potus is bringing in all the south Americans in plans to give them jobs ,and forget about the People of this Country.

  11. excuse me but what kind of Christians are hey? Faux Christians the kind that follow Mitt Romney? not Christian at all…you knew what he believed ,you knew how he was going to vote, you knew what he was, so don’t act like you are horrified now,explain it at the pearly gates, hipocrits.

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