Washington Examiner editorial blasts ‘squishy’ John Kasich for supporting Biden

A conservative newspaper slammed Republican John Kasich for supporting Joe Biden in the upcoming election, saying the endorsement proves that his supposed conservatism is empty.

In a scathing editorial on Tuesday, the Washington Examiner attacked the former Ohio governor for speaking on Biden’s behalf at the Democratic National Convention.

Newspaper slams Kasich

Four years after Donald Trump sent a seismic shock through the conservative movement, a group of Republicans is now joining forces with the Democrats to oust him from office. Kasich, whom Trump defeated in the 2016 primary, is among them.

At the Democratic National Convention on Monday night, Kasich introduced himself as a “lifelong Republican” and condemned Donald Trump as a divisive leader who betrayed the bedrock principles of the party.

Kasich’s speech was typical of the more thematic attacks on Trump from the Republican side of the aisle, which have focused on the president’s character more his policies. At the same time, Republicans like Kasich have been accused of betraying conservative principles by siding with a Democratic Party that has veered so far left on critical issues that no conservative worthy of the name could possibly join them.

Despite Kasich’s high-flown rhetoric, there’s simply nothing conservative about endorsing “the most aggressively pro-abortion presidential ticket in U.S. history,” the Examiner argues.

“Joe Biden’s running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris, proposed a federal law that would invalidate state abortion laws on late-term abortions, let alone the early-term ones that Kasich banned in Ohio. She also wants to require Justice Department preclearance on all state abortion restrictions,” the editorial noted.

“Squishy” Republican

The Examiner attacks Kasich as a “squishy” Republican with a track record of capitulation and argues that his support of Biden proves that he is either too clueless to recognize the radicalism of the Democratic Party, or too cynical to care.

Specifically, the paper balks at Kasich’s confidence that Biden will not “turn sharp left.”

“What does that even mean? In the real world, Democrats are talking about packing the Supreme Court, banning gun sales by executive order, and, of course, spending $90 trillion that no one has on a laughably futile attempt to change the weather,” the paper opined.

Indeed, it often seems that Republicans like Kasich are living in a fantasy world where sermonizing about principles will somehow convince unscrupulous radicals to play fair and respect the very tenets that they claim to hold dear.

There’s a reason Republican voters rejected Kasich’s brand of politics back in 2016.

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