Washington Examiner slams media for praising Cuomo, ignoring ‘dangerous incompetence’

Patience is starting to wear out regarding the media’s constant worship of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) and his supposedly impressive leadership over the past few months.

A brutal editorial at the right-leaning Washington Examiner takes the left to task for treating Cuomo like a god, despite the grim results of his “dangerous incompetence” in handling the coronavirus outbreak.

Exposing Cuomo

For the left, the Democrat governor has been a candid, responsible leader, with his daily press briefings touted by many as essential viewing. But the media’s sycophancy is completely out of step with Cuomo’s actual decisions, which have had terrible results, according to the Examiner piece.

Going by official counts, New York has seen about a third of the roughly 80,000 coronavirus deaths in the U.S., according to Reuters. Per capita, New York has had more deaths than the most-impacted European nations, the Examiner notes. These consequences did not magically materialize.

Cuomo was optimistic about the true severity of the coronavirus threat early on: just weeks before shutting down his state on March 22, he was confidently declaring that the Empire State would be spared the devastation seen in other countries, saying, “We think we have the best healthcare system on the planet right here in New York.” Although other leaders also failed to anticipate the spread, none did so as badly as Cuomo, the paper said.

Indeed, Cuomo has not been on top of this crisis to the degree the media establishment says he has. Beyond being slow to respond, Cuomo also made positively idiotic decisions, with none being so mindless as a directive ordering nursing homes to accept coronavirus patients from hospitals — a policy he only just reversed this weekend, according to NBC News, and which came with predictably terrible consequences.

As local NBC affiliate WNBC notes, Cuomo himself has acknowledged that nursing homes are “ground zero” for the virus. So why did he send infected patients to live with the most vulnerable part of the population? At least 5,300 New Yorkers living in nursing homes have now died from the virus, according to WNBC.

Enabled by the media

The Examiner also takes Cuomo to task for waiting until late April to order the New York City subways — an obvious source of virus transmission — to be rigorously cleaned. But with the media’s constant adulation to support him, the Democrat has been in no particular hurry to shoulder blame for his mistakes.

Why should he? While Cuomo receives oozing, undeserved praise, Republicans like Florida’s governor Ron DeSantis — whose state has a larger population than New York, and an old one — has had lower deaths per capita. But DeSantis has received nothing but scorn from the left and the media.

“Wherever one looks, large or small, red or blue, one finds no place where the government’s response to the virus has been less effective or more counterproductive than Cuomo’s,” the Examiner writes.

In the meantime, Cuomo has had no problem browbeating would-be dissenters against his decisions, admonishing nursing home staff on Tuesday who might refuse a coronavirus testing by declaring they have no “right” to work, the New York Post reported. Telling people what their rights are seems to be a thing for Cuomo, who previously said that nursing homes didn’t have “a right” to reject coronavirus patients, the Examiner notes.

With the media enabling him, Cuomo can keep repeating this pattern of screwing up and deflecting blame, all while acting like a hero. This is what the left calls leadership?

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