National security experts suggest Biden connections to China could prove compromising

Despite a concerted effort from Democrats and the media to downplay reports stemming from leaked emails allegedly found on a laptop abandoned by Hunter Biden and what they say about presidential nominee Joe Biden, the stories aren’t going away.

Questions about Joe Biden’s possible financial ties to foreign nations and governments — particularly the communist regime in China — have now led some experts to warn that, if true, the allegations could mean Biden himself is a potential risk to U.S. national security, as Breitbart reported.

Hunter, Joe, and China

The floodgates on the Hunter Biden email story and associated speculation about his father, the former vice president, were opened last week when messages were publicized that appeared to show that Hunter was making financial deals with foreign nationals based on his family name and political access.

The New York Post has been at the forefront of such data and has revealed emails and texts that strongly suggest Joe Biden was receiving a cut of the action being arranged by his son, albeit in a way that kept the politician at arm’s length.

In an op-ed for Fox News, former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy wrote about how “disturbing” some of the Bidens’ ties to foreign money were, in particular, those ties to the Chinese Communist Party hinted at in the emails.

The updates have led to the assertion, backed up by lawmakers and national security experts, that Joe Biden might be compromised by the Chinese regime due to his son’s business dealings.

J. Michael Waller, vice president of government relations for the Center for Security Policy and an expert on the threat posed by China, told Breitbart: “Hostile foreign governments or intelligence services look for ways to influence U.S. officials’ decision-making in their favor, whether that official is a bureaucrat, vice president of the United States, or a presidential candidate.”

“Vulnerable node”

“They’re looking for ways to have an in with that individual, to compromise that individual to make that individual’s decisions benefit the regime it’s targeting,” Waller continued. “This is the real danger of Communist Party investments in America, especially where it pertains to those who are tied to decision-making.”

According to Breitbart, Waller went on to note Hunter’s sordid history of drug abuse and bad decision-making and suggested he would be the epitome of a “vulnerable node” through which the Chinese could approach his father.

“Why else would they hire a completely undisciplined crackhead to trust with so much money?” he asked rhetorically.

Another top expert on China, Gordon Chang, suggested during a recent radio interview that if Joe Biden was indeed receiving kickbacks from his son’s business deals with the Chinese, it would provide the regime with “extraordinary leverage over the President of the United States, especially if there are other things that we do not know about.”

Furthermore, the Center for Security Policy Founding President Frank Gaffney surmised that Joe Biden might not even be able to qualify for a security clearance to view classified materials. “There’s too many vulnerabilities there that would enable a hostile foreign power,” he explained, according to Breitbart, “let alone ones who have been directly involved in the transactions, for heaven’s sake.”

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