Facebook shuts out gun rights group in latest example of Big Tech censorship

Gun rights advocates often describe the Second Amendment as a backstop for the First Amendment and its guarantee of free expression. But what happens when unaccountable censors limit your ability to advocate for gun rights?

A pro-Second Amendment group is learning this lesson the hard way after getting permanently zapped by Facebook “without explanation,” the Washington Free Beacon reported.

2nd Amendment group banned

Virginia has been the site of considerable pro-gun activism since Democrats introduced an ambitious agenda last year, prompting the rise of Second Amendment “sanctuaries” throughout the state in response.

The Virginia Citizens Defense League has played a leading role in these protests, but their ability to organize against Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam’s agenda was limited Tuesday when social media giant Facebook removed their page, according to the Free Beacon. Facebook’s comment was opaque, as is typical.

“This was correctly actioned and we will not be republishing,” Facebook spokeswoman Kristen Morea said, as the Free Beacon reported.

The president of the Second Amendment group, Philip Van Cleave, told the Free Beacon that the restriction is a warning sign.

“If they did this to us, it’s just a matter of time,” Van Cleave reportedly said. “I think we’re a high-profile group and that’s why we got singled out. Those who aren’t as high profile as we are, I’m sure they’re on the chopping block next.”

Censorship on the rise

As TheBlaze notes, the group’s advocacy efforts include an annual pro-gun protest in the capital of Richmond called Lobby Day.

Some might be led to surmise that Facebook sought to interfere with the group in the wake of the recent “insurrection” by Trump supporters at the U.S. Capitol, which has led to alarmingly broad crackdowns on free speech and vague rhetoric about fighting extremism from America’s power centers.

Facebook previously suspended the group in January before reversing the move, the Washington Free Beacon noted. “It’s just a yo-yo effect,” Van Cleave said.

Shortly before Lobby Day, the group was booted from its email marketing service, Mailchimp, which cited “serious risks associated with the account,” according to Fox Business. But Lobby Day came and went without violence, much like President Joe Biden’s inauguration, despite panicked predictions to the contrary, reports noted.

The censorship comes amid widespread concern among gun owners about Biden’s anti-gun agenda. He has yet to make any moves on gun control, but his press secretary Jen Psaki recently said he “would love to see action” on that front soon, according to Breitbart.

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26 Responses

    1. Rae, that will not ever happen for the day it does is the day America will no longer be the land of the free, that when are country will be under dictatorships. That will never happen their will be a civil war and the corrupted will fall.

    2. I forget the number, but the FBI stated that something like 90% of the gun murders country wide in 2019 were commited with unregistered guns bought on the street. Most of these were stolen, of course. Please tell me how gun registration is going to stop all this !!! Do you think the street thugs are going to register their firearms. ??? If you do, I have beach front property on Colorado for sale.

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  2. The liberal nut cases think right to bear arms mean short sleeve shirts defund police and take your firearms how stupid is that if it comes to that remember why after Pearl Harbor they didn’t come into the US it was because of all the people that own firearms America’s largest army’s the gun owners of America period

  3. Americans are well armed. They fought for their freedoms and will fight to maintain them. Freedom seekers do not fear government or military aggression. Give us freedom or give us death. Those who repress us will also face death.

  4. I have said all along that with all the time and money they have spent to curb free speech, they have to get our guns or it was all in vain. They “have” to get our guns, and they know it. The only thing to save us is they are too stupid to realize just what numbers they are talking. We are talking a minimum of 200 million people with at least double that number of guns!

  5. Facebook needs to be put out of business. They never tell the truth and they always lie to the American people. The people need to get away from facebook from now on.

  6. Of course FB censors Pro 2A groups and comments. Why? Because FB can. FB has become an unwarranted control mechanism. Evidently Mr. Zuckerberg feels his wealth and position in life gives him the ability to “better reason for his subscribers” and determine what FB subscribers should or shouldn’t see/read. He apparently feels he can define First and Second Amendment rights for his subscribers. (How far will he go regarding other guaranteed rights) He obviously believes the gun is able to kill, as opposed to the mentally disturbed, the lunatic, the deranged, the criminal, and the gang banger who pulls the trigger and who needs no self defense reason to fire a weapon.
    My challenge to Mr Zuckerberg is to use his “common sense, intellect and powers of reason” to make FB policy regarding the rights guaranteed by the Constitution and Bill of Rights to every American citizen without the influence of his own agenda.

  7. we need a free speech platform, not controlled by FB or The Media. I can’t wait till President Trump establishes his own network to which we all may congregate, collaborate and win. KEEP AMERICA FREE!

  8. What we must do is blow a hole the size of a softball through the chest of the first one standing at the door, then call Biden to come pick up the body!

  9. Quid-Pro-Joe, still hasn’t won a Presidential Election and Time Magazine admitted it! We all know Trump won! The DNC is a criminal organization and it looks like the people will have to topple Obama Soros and Ayers!

  10. American Citizens will never, give you or anyone else our guns! We would not give them up for Trump! But, Trump believes in the Constitution!

  11. If the Supreme Court fails the Constitution, then they are useless because they all swore an Oath to uphold the Constitution like the DNC!
    We would not give our guns up for the Supreme Court! We know we would be completely vulnerable without our guns, this is America! Not Australia!

  12. The time is rapidly coming when we will have to turn our words into action. I just hope that when push comes to shove, we have the courage and fortitude to take back our country and end this communist attempt to change it into their version of utopia.

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