Facebook taking measures to ‘safeguard’ the midterm elections

It looks as though Big Tech is once again going to be meddling in our elections.

Breitbart News reports that Facebook (aka Meta) has announced that it is taking steps to “safeguard” the midterm elections. 

Facebook explained the steps it is taking earlier this week in a press release called How Meta Is Planning for the 2022 U.S. Midterms. The press release was written by Facebook Global Affairs President Nick Clegg,

“With the 2022 U.S. midterms on the horizon, we are setting out how our approach applies in this election cycle, which is largely consistent with the policies and safeguards we had in place during the 2020 US Presidential election,” Clegg writes.

“Our approach”

Clegg starts off by revealing that, last year, Facebook spent $5 billion on “safety and security.”

He writes:

Meta invests a huge amount to protect elections online — not just during election periods but at all times. We spent approximately $5 billion on safety and security last year alone, and have hundreds of people dedicated to this work permanently embedded across more than 40 teams. With each major election around the world — including national elections this year in France and the Philippines — we incorporate the lessons we learn to help stay ahead of emerging threats.

Then Clegg turns specifically to the midterms. He writes:

Our approach to the 2022 US midterms applies learnings from the 2020 election cycle and exceeds the measures we implemented during the last midterm election in 2018. This includes advanced security operations to fight foreign interference and domestic influence campaigns, our network of independent fact-checking partners, our industry-leading transparency measures around political advertising and pages, as well as new measures to help keep poll workers safe. As we did in 2020, we have a dedicated team in place to combat election and voter interference while also helping people get reliable information about when and how to vote.

Clegg goes on to give examples of what exactly Facebook is up to.

Tipping the scale

For one thing, Facebook, during the week of the midterm elections, is going to prevent edits from being made to ads that have as their subject matter social, political, or electoral issues.

In addition to this, Clegg said that Facebook will remove any post that encourages people not to vote, that questions the legitimacy of the midterm elections, that includes misinformation about when, how, and where to vote, and more.

Clegg, finally, said that Facebook will remove any post that calls for violence related to voting.

The bottom line is that, once again, it is looking as though Big Tech is gearing up to play a major role in our political elections. The simple fact is that, since the last elections, Congress failed to reign Big Tech in. And, until it does so, Big Tech is just going to keep putting its big hand on the scale.

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