Fact-checker finds that video misrepresents GOP congressman’s words

A video posted to Facebook earlier this month appears to show Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan (R) slamming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) as being “anti-American.”

Yet a recent fact-check by USA Today laid out in detail how the Republican congressman’s words are being misrepresented. 


While the video is titled, “SHE’S ANTI – AMERICAN – Jim Jordan ASSAIL (sic) Nancy Pelosi and president Biden,” USA Today pointed out that this caption does not reflect what the Ohio lawmaker actually said.

“While the video does show the Republican congressman speaking, he does not mention Pelosi or call her ‘anti-American,'” the paper stated.

The outlet went on to explain that the video actually drew footage from three separate video clips, with the first showing Jordan expressing opposition last month to a bill known as H.R. 3843.

The legislation, which went on to pass the House, is aimed at “adjusting premerger filing fees to increase antitrust enforcement resources.”

Second clip

The second clip features Jordan addressing threats to the First Amendment while speaking alongside other members of his party. Meanwhile, the third clip depicts Jordan accusing Democrats of undermining public safety by failing to support law enforcement.

“Based on our research, we rate FALSE the claim that a video shows Jordan calling Pelosi ‘anti-American,'” USA Today insisted.

It concluded by saying, “The video shows Jordan talking about legislation, policies and social issues. He does not mention Pelosi or call her ‘anti-American.'”

“Traitor” video debunked

This is not the only anti-Republican social media video that USA Today has debunked, as the paper also found that another video that accuses Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul of calling Pelosi a traitor was also misleading.

That video’s caption reads, “SHE’S GUILTY OF TREASON! Rand Paul UNLEASHES Evidence on Nancy Pelosi During EPIC SPEECH.”

However, USA Today stated that “[t]he video does not show Paul, R-Kentucky, presenting evidence that Pelosi committed treason, nor does he mention Pelosi at all.” The paper added that it “reached out to the Facebook user who shared the post for comment.”