Trump administration says manufacturing is ready for faster rollout of coronavirus vaccine

The Trump administration has made major changes to speed up the rollout of the coronavirus vaccine, explaining that manufacturing has now reached adequate levels to stop holding vaccine second doses in reserve.

The original policy on vaccinations held half of the supply in reserve so that people could be sure to get their second doses three to four weeks after the first, but that meant only half as many people could be vaccinated initially.

“We now believe that our manufacturing is predictable enough that we can ensure second doses are available for people from ongoing production,” Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said. “So everything is now available to our states and our health care providers.”

The administration was hoping to get 20 million people vaccinated by the end of 2020, but only about 9 million people have been vaccinated so far even though 25.5 million doses have been delivered to date.

Recommendations broaden

Federal officials said that the increased availability of the vaccine means that they are broadening their recommendations to include all Americans over 65 and those with pre-existing conditions who are at higher risk of severe illness from the coronavirus.

“We have got to expand the group. We’ve already distributed more vaccine than we have health workers and people in nursing homes,” Azar said.

States are also being urged to vaccinate people in lower-risk groups if those doses would otherwise go to waste.

Some hospitals in New York had to throw away up to 80% of their vaccine supplies after people didn’t show up to appointments and no one in eligible groups could get the vaccine.

Cuomo loosens restrictions in New York

After news reports of the waste broke, Governor Andrew Cuomo loosened restrictions on who could get the vaccine and added fines for not using the vaccines fast enough.

The vaccine is seen as a way to bring record-high case numbers down and get things back to normal, and a new poll shows that more people are willing to be vaccinated than was the case a month ago.

71% of people said they planned to get the vaccine when it was available, up from 63% in September, the Kaiser Family Foundation reported.

The World Health Organization said that herd immunity worldwide will not be reached until 2022, but the U.S. could reach it in 2021 if enough people get vaccinated.

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12 Responses

  1. Why have they not said that Antifa was at the protest? Kamala Harris was bonding them out while they were brutalizing Portland. They are not Trump Supporters. Sounds like it was a set-up and obviously that is Nancy Pelosi’s reason for such a quick impeachment trial. No trial, no facts, no Trump Supporters voice. Disgusting and criminally wrong. The FBI needs to step up and report what happened.

    1. It clearly was a SETUP, and the FAKE NEWS, loves beating down our President, but Kamala and Creepy Joe, will only get more of these losers like ANTI-FA, BLM, lame groups to do their dirty deeds, and rest of the DUMBOCRATS are backing them, it’s a shame that these tyrants want to help destroy our country and our DEMOCRAY

  2. The democratic party is now the communist party railing against free speech. Joe Biden will continue to divide America. We know Joe, He is a known liar, he accepted millions of dollars from a bribe by China, He was having an affair when he was married, He was a D student in college. He is trying to stir up racial unrest, His tax plans and free this and that, he wants to destroy fossil fuels, he wants to control the earth’s environment which is impossible. He will bankrupt the Nation. God help us.

  3. If the democrats control the FBI, well hell will freeze over before any true/not so true will be released from the FBI, much less any judgements against the Antifa. No one will be charged, if they were, Harris would see that they would not pay a fine nor serve any time in jail.

  4. People are going to believe Trump supporters stormed the Capitol because as always the fbi and all other agencies are complicit including the media. How else did antifa know where to go? I was there, when supporters/patriots saw that the day had been turned into a circus we left.

  5. It’s a good thing Trump didn’t have to rely on Mickey Mouse Roberts and his band of overworked back burner compadres to see this through. They’re already a month behind on voter fraud. At least they’re honest, right?

  6. Trumps only fault was to try to Make America Great by running this country like a business! He is 100% correct by trying to do it. The problems are dealing with the democrats because they on crooks and in it to line their pockets with tax dollars. If somebody would follow the money trail they would get them all. They are so greedy they make mistakes! God Bless America

  7. Something is going on, the vaccine isnt needed we have an immune system the masks will make you sick, because your immune system wont be able to fight any germs off! Wake-UP! Vaccines are made to control population, dr says did you get your flu shot…without even knowing whats in it? Question everything our government never was or ever will be looking out for our best interest, they murder babies for their adrenochrome! Soon the truth will come out why do you think they want to impeach our President! He has everything that they ever did! Pray to God that we keep our freedom and our constitution

  8. Why all of the sudden democratic are releasing the vaccine when they have it before. It us because they want Binden to have the credit. STAND UP AND SAY NO TRUMP PROVIDED THE VACCINE. HE WAS THE ONE WHO WORK ENDLESSLY TO HAVE MANUFACTURERS WORK TOGETHER TO PROVIDE IT. THANK PRESIDENT TRUMP.

  9. I just wish Pelosi would back off!!!Shes out for blood and is taking this too far! She’s acting like she’s scared of something and I don’t believe her remarks of Trump harming us! It’s an out right lie!! I pray everyday for the Trumps and know that God is protecting him and his family. She got what she wanted. She should be focusing on other matters. They need to reign her in… Before she take them and us all down.

  10. Trump is working to the end doing great things- all Biden can do is f**k things up because he and his black stooge are incapable of doing anything right and they have no respect

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