Fauci says he has ‘completely open mind’ about lab leak theory

In an uncharacteristically humble statement, Anthony Fauci said he has a “completely open mind” about the origins of the coronavirus pandemic as he prepares to step down from his government post.

Returning to his beloved soapbox on the Sunday morning talk shows for hopefully the last time, Fauci appeared to backpedal on the position he has long taken regarding a laboratory leak.

Fauci flip flops on lab leak

Fauci maintained that “the evidence is quite strong that this is a natural occurrence” after CBS’ Margaret Brennan asked about Republicans’ plans to investigate Fauci and the pandemic’s origins.

“We keep a completely open mind as to what the origin is,” Fauci said.

“Having said that, if you look at the examination by highly qualified international scientists with no political agendas….the evidence is quite strong that this is a natural occurrence,” he continued.

This appears to be another one of Fauci’s notorious flip-flops. Far from keeping an “open mind,” Fauci worked to discredit the lab leak theory as a baseless “conspiracy” in the pandemic’s early days, despite being warned in private that the virus looked “engineered.” 

At the time, Fauci received a personal “thank you” from Peter Daszak, who received funding from Fauci’s National Institutes of Health to research bat coronaviruses in Wuhan, China, for helping to “dispel the myths” about a lab leak.

“Molecularly impossible”

In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper Sunday, Fauci conceded that a lab leak is possible, but doubled down on his claim that a link between COVID-19 and virus research that Fauci helped fund is “molecularly impossible.”

He also continued his longtime habit of defending communist China, hesitating to use the words “cover up” to describe China’s response to CBS.

“Cover up means you know something, and you’re hiding it, not being transparent and allowing things to open is a little bit of a different,” he said.

While he continues to prevaricate on COVID’s origins, Fauci has shown no remorse for the draconian restrictions he endorsed in response to the pandemic, recently claiming he had “nothing to do” with devastating school closures that crippled a generation of children.

Fauci even refused to shut the door on further closures Sunday, telling CBS he’s “not sure” whether parents should anticipate more disruptions.