FBI agents knelt in solidarity with violent BLM protesters in 2020: Report

The FBI’s reputation was already in bad shape with the public, and the latest insane FBI-related story might just take the cake.

In an op-ed for the New York Post, former supervisory-level FBI agent James A. Gagliano penned a jaw-dropping piece regarding a situation in which a group of FBI agents knelt alongside Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters during the peak of the George Floyd protests in 2020.

Not only were the kneeling agents lauded by the people who run the FBI Agents Association, a once-respected nonprofit organization, but they were also given “modest” $100 gift cards for their actions.

The information came from an FBI whistleblower.

“De-escalation” reward

Reportedly, the gift cards and pats on the back were due to the pro-BLM agents’ “de-escalation efforts” during the height of the protests — the riots that caused billions in damage and resulted in dead law enforcement officers.

“A whistleblower said the counterterrorism special agent in charge of the Washington, DC, field office even hugged each of them after the June 4, 2020, incident. While not all the “presence patrol” agents assigned to the scene — which included the Supreme Court and the National Archives — “took a knee” in a show of solidarity or an act of cowardice and capitulation, at least seven did,” Gagliano wrote.

Gagliano went on to say what we’ve all been thinking lately.

“Shocking and appalling on its face, looked at in a larger context, this disgusting decision proves the rot and decay at the FBI is not singularly the domain of some senior officials.”

He went on to write that during his career, he witnessed actual heroes within the ranks of the FBI take down some of the most dangerous people and close the most insane cases, and none of them ever received $100 gift cards.

“Irreparably broken”

Gagliano’s frustrated passion in his writing about his former employer is sad, as he’s one of many former agents who can’t believe the agency has fallen so far in such a short amount of time.

“I have come to grips with the fact that my beloved FBI has been irreparably broken by woke activists serving amongst its senior ranks,” he wrote.

Gagliano added, “And with the Justice Department appearing to do this president’s bidding by targeting his political adversaries, it will take a monumental house-cleaning and seismic shift in culture at both DOJ and the FBI to begin to restore America’s trust and confidence.”