FBI interviewed suspected FedEx gunman last year after mother reported concerning behavior

The nation was rocked by another deadly mass shooting this week when eight FedEx employees and the suspected gunman were killed at a facility in Indianapolis, Indiana on Thursday.

According to reports, the suspect’s mother had previously reached out to law enforcement to report that her son could pose a threat, leading to a subsequent FBI interview of the teen.

“He was interviewed by the FBI”

In a statement on Friday, FBI special agent Paul Keenan confirmed that he was “placed on immediate detention mental health temporary hold by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department” as a result of that earlier report.

“A shotgun was seized at his residence,” the agent continued. “Based on items observed in the suspect’s bedroom at that time, he was interviewed by the FBI in April 2020.”

Fox News later reported that the alleged shooter was identified as 19-year-old Brandon Scott Hole, a former FedEx employee.

As for his prior mental health examination, Keenan affirmed: “No Racially Motivated Violent Extremism (RMVE) ideology was identified during the course of the assessment and no criminal violation was found.”

One witness at the scene of the shooting recalled seeing “no confrontation with anyone that was there, there was no disturbance, there was no argument” prior to the first gunshots.

“Even prior to American history”

“He just appeared to randomly start shooting and that began in the parking lot and then he did go into the facility for a brief period of time before he took his own life,” the individual said.

The shooting marked just the latest in a string of massacres prompting many progressives to advocate for additional restrictions on gun ownership.

Earlier this month, President Joe Biden announced a series of new executive actions, including a ban on the sale of kits used to assemble firearms at home.

While gun control advocates argue that more sweeping measures are needed, a number of prominent Republicans contend that such efforts could result in harming those individuals who Democrats purportedly hope to protect.

“Very often, inevitably in American history but even prior to American history, we’ve seen it’s rarely the empowered, very rarely the wealthy or those with political connections to the government, who have their rights interfered with,” Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) said last month.

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18 Responses

  1. No rational person believes that guns held by law-abiding citizens commit most of the gun crimes. At least try – with a straight face– to blame 791 murders in Chicago in 2020 to law-abiding Americans. It is estimated that there are over 70 black American gangs in Chicago. The poisonous propaganda is falling on deaf ears. The cult media that is seething with hate has become a tragic joke.

  2. definition GUN VIOLENCE should be change as MAN VIOLANCE, this allow us to protect and claim not ban guns, only ban of all psychopaths throw them to jail or psychiatric facilities for good, man pseudo president biden doesn’t understand simplicity whose foult is to kill,Cain used stone to kill Abel,,,,,,who get blame for this murder? MAN CAIN? Or stone(like gun), logics tell us Cain was murder and received mark on his forehead???

    1. God blamed Cain Not the Rock The same thing, Just a Rock instead of a Gun, IT is the person, Not a Gun or Rock

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  4. If the FBI missed the target on this kid, they didn’t investigate him very well. His mother saw a problem, why didn’t they? This has happened too many times to be a coincidence! They need to investigate much better. Guns don’t kill people, unstable people kill people. Gun control is not the answer. Better mental health treatment is.

  5. Why does it seem as though the FBI is consistently a day late and a dollar short?
    Are they taking proactive measures to avoid these tragedies or enlisting these nuts to “support the narrative”??
    The boston bombers are just one example among many.

  6. As a FFL holder we are required to call in every firearm sold, now if the NICS doesn’t keep their records up to date,then who’s to blame, we try to keep up to date of our area who and whom but the finial respose fall on the record keepers, the feds.

  7. How about enforcing the laws as they are written, without regard to feelings, race, color or creed. Actions have consequences, break the law go to jail, period, simple. 14% of our population commit 50% of the crimes. What’s wrong with that picture? AND remember when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns. Guns don’t kill people, people do.

  8. It is already against the law to shoot someone, unless self defence comes into play, tell me what law is going to fix that one!!!

  9. God blamed Cain Not the Rock The same thing, Just a Rock instead of a Gun, IT is the person, Not a Gun or Rock

  10. The shooting in Orange calif. goes To Show that People can get guns if they are barred from doing Therefore outlawing guns is not the Solution because if they want them they will get them, Blackmarket or wherever

  11. If he had waited oout side and drove his car into the people as they left the building. Would they blame the CAR ???????????????? STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Thru recent years has anyone noticed that the majority of these sad instances
    the FBI knew about these creeps and did not perform their duty other then” We knew about that individual .

  13. If you want to ban Guns then you must ban “knees” as they are Killers too.
    See how silly it sounds, getting rid of Guns and knees proves it’s People that kill, and that’s where to go with this. It’s not perfect, but with all the think Tanks we have there must be a way to start it.
    Bless those that lost their Lives.

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