FBI ‘point man’ buried damning testimony from Tony Bobulinski: Report

Remember Tony Bobulinski? The former Hunter Biden business partner caused a big splash on the eve of the 2020 election when he identified Joe Biden as “the big guy” mentioned in damning e-mails exposed by the New York Post. 

Not much has been heard about Bobulinski since, and now we know why. According to a new report in the Post, a recently fired partisan FBI agent identified as Bobulinski’s “point man” buried evidence that he shared with the feds.

FBI “point man” buried key evidence

That “point man” was Timothy Thibault, who was recently forced out at Washington’s field office over whistleblower allegations that he worked to discredit incriminating info about Hunter Biden as “disinformation.”

At the time, former intel officials were publicly using the same rhetoric to dismiss the Hunter Biden corruption scandal, which is now almost universally acknowledged as a legitimate story.

Sources told the Post that the FBI sat two agents down with Bobulinski for a videotaped interview in October of 2020, as the former Navy officer was going public with evidence corroborating the Post’s reporting about the Hunter Biden laptop.

Bobulinski gave agents three cell phones’ worth of data, among other records, and discussed Hunter Biden’s business deals at length, including his ties to China and Ukrainian company Burisma Holdings. He and his lawyer were told that Thibault was their “point man,” but they never heard from him again.

An e-mail from Hunter Biden’s laptop sent by James Gilliar mentioned “the big guy” would receive 10 percent of the equity in the Chinese company CEFC Energy. Hunter and his uncle James Biden would receive $4.8 million from the venture.

FBI’s role under scrutiny

Interestingly, Bobulinski has not been called to testify before a grand jury in a federal investigation of Hunter Biden’s finances.

The apparent cover-up of Bobulinski’s testimony is the latest evidence to emerge of FBI meddling in the 2020 presidential election.

Whistleblowers within the FBI have told Republican lawmakers that agents were instructed not to look at Hunter Biden’s laptop, and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg recently shared that his company censored the story after a warning from the FBI.

One of the leading Republican investigators into the Biden family’s corruption, Sen. Ron Johnson (Wi.), said the FBI’s censorship of Bobulinski’s testimony “impacted the 2020 election to a far greater extent than anything Russia or China could have ever achieved.”

Seeing that the 2020 election was decided by razor-thin margins in a few swing states, it’s quite possible that things would have turned out differently if voters had all of the relevant information available. But it looks like the FBI worked to ensure that wasn’t the case.