Signs suggest FBI raid makes Trump 2024 run more likely

It has become exceedingly clear that the overt intention of the several criminal investigations and legal woes against former President Donald Trump, including the unprecedented FBI raid on his Mar-a-Lago residence, is to either render Trump legally ineligible to run for office again or be so politically toxic as to be unelectable.

Yet, the FBI raid and assorted other probes may, in fact, make it even more likely that Trump will run again in 2024, according to recent comments made by former chief strategist Steve Bannon about Trump’s eventual return, the Conservative Brief reported.

Trump will return?

Just one day after the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago to seize alleged classified documents and presidential records retained by former President Trump, Steve Bannon appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to share his thoughts on the raid and how things would likely play out going forward.

“I said we’re at a political and ideological war. They’ve weaponized the Justice Department — this had to be approved, going up to the White House to be approved. Absolutely. Anybody saying it didn’t is a liar,” Bannon said.

“This is about pure power politics,” he continued. “They’re scared to death about Trump. They’re absolutely petrified, terrified that he’ll announce in a couple of weeks, win the Republican nomination, and win the White House.”

Bannon went on to call for Congress to investigate and defund the politicized FBI “Gestapo” under President Joe Biden, and added, “We need to fight fire with fire and the way to do that is to win elections, win them overwhelmingly and then use the appropriations process to choke down the FBI and choke down the Justice Department and get to the bottom of who approved this. This is so outrageous it needs to be investigated.”

More emboldened

Indeed, all signs suggest that rather than dissuade former President Trump from running for office again, the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago may have actually backfired on Trump’s enemies and ensured that he will launch a 2024 bid, perhaps even sooner than he might have otherwise.

On August 10, two days after the raid, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that Trump’s odds of re-election in the betting markets took a tumble and dropped him to second place behind Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) as the most likely GOP nominee in 2024, only to quickly bounce back and return the former president to the top spot as the most likely nominee.

A few days later, Trump himself signaled his likely intentions with an Aug. 13 statement that said, “Just received the strongest poll numbers I have ever gotten, and the largest amount of campaign contributions from the ‘people.’ The public gets the ‘Scam,’ but this time much earlier than all of the others!”

Then, on Aug. 15, Fox Business host Stuart Varney remarked on his program that “If the Mar-a-Lago raid was designed to intimidate, it failed,” and noted that Trump-endorsed candidates had won their primary elections in the immediate aftermath of the raid and Trump himself appeared more emboldened to seek the White House again than ever before.

Declared candidacy could forestall potential indictments

That same day, the U.K.’s Guardian reported last Monday that, according to unnamed sources close to the former president, Trump could very well go ahead and announce his candidacy for 2024 on the theory that it would be far more difficult and politically costly for Biden’s DOJ to indict a declared candidate for office — though a competing theory posited that Trump could announce that he is not running in hope that it would make his politically-motivated legal issues evaporate.

Whether either of those theories holds true remains unclear at the moment, but there are ample signs to indicate that Trump will meet this latest governmental assault against him head-on and will indeed launch his 2024 bid in an effort to clear his name and reclaim power over his haters and partisan opponents.

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