FBI whistleblowers allege that veteran-led group was wrongly targeted

A Rasmussen poll published in August found a declining level of trust in the FBI, with only 26% believing that its director “is truly independent” of the Biden administration.

If startling new whistleblower allegations are true, then belief in a politicized FBI appears to be well founded. 

FBI investigation found that veteran was not a threat

According to Fox News, ranking Republican House Judiciary member Jim Jordan sent a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray on September 14.

In it, Jordan addressed claims that Wray’s agency wrongly targeted a veteran-led group called American Contingency.

“American Contingency is a company founded by former U.S. servicemember Mike Glover, who has publicly rejected the FBI’s accusations that he is a terrorist and has described American Contingency’s charitable work on behalf of communities devastated by natural disasters,” Jordan wrote.

“The FBI’s recent characterization of American Contingency as a DVE [domestic violent extremism]  organization is striking in light of new whistleblower disclosures that show that the FBI had concluded as recently as 2020 that the group was not a threat,” he continued.

Jordan noted how the FBI’s “investigation and review of Glover’s social media failed to support the allegation that Glover is a threat to the United States or its citizens.”

FBI linked Betsy Ross Flag to extremism

The Ohio congressman also pointed to the FBI’s “Domestic Terrorism Symbols Guide” uncovered by Project Veritas which listed symbols such as the Betsy Ross Flag, Gadsden Flag, and references to the 2nd Amendment as potential evidence of extremism.

Jordan concluded by demanding that Wray produce “all documents and communications referring or relating to the FBI’s Domestic Terrorism Symbols Guide on Militia Violent Extremism, for the period of January 1, 2020, to the present.”

Fox News reported that the FBI responded to Jordan’s allegations, saying, “We have no comment on any specific groups or individuals. However, the FBI does not and cannot designate domestic terrorist organizations.”

“The FBI can never open an investigation based solely on protected First Amendment activity,” the bureau responded,” it continued.