FDA confirms Adderall shortage

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) confirmed this week that there is a nationwide shortage of Adderall, a drug used to address ADHD.

The report confirmed claims by Adderall manufacturers and pharmacists in recent weeks regarding delays in availability.

The concern

“The largest Adderall manufacturer in the U.S., Teva Pharmaceuticals Industries, Ltd., said last month that a labor shortage from earlier in the year caused production disruptions, but the company expected any shortages at the retail level to be worked out in a matter of weeks,” Fox Business reported.

“But since then, the shortages have spread to other drug companies that manufacture generic versions of the treatment as desperate patients seek alternatives, and there are signs that the situation could worsen further,” it added.

The impact

“A survey from the National Community Pharmacists Association conducted earlier this year found that roughly 80% of community pharmacists reported supply shortages, with about 64% reporting ‘difficulty obtaining Adderall.’ The survey was based on 358 responses from pharmacy owners and managers,” USA Today reported.

“Health officials urged people to work with their health care providers on options for obtaining the medication or alternatives,” it added.

Adderall is also used to treat narcolepsy, impacting millions of Americans.

The shortage of the drug adds to a growing number of supply chain issues under the Biden administration.

The problems continue to pile up in a variety of areas as Democrats face major headaches in their effort to remain in power after the November midterms.