Pro-Trump legal group files FEC complaint alleging coordination between DA Bragg and the Biden campaign

 June 13, 2024

Former President Donald Trump frequently denounced his criminal prosecution in New York as a blatant attempt at "election interference" conducted at the behest and in support of President Joe Biden and his re-election campaign.

Now the Trump-aligned America First Legal Foundation has formalized that accusation in a Federal Election Commission complaint that states President Biden, his campaign, and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg worked together against Trump, according to the Washington Examiner.

The pro-Trump legal group alleges that Bragg's prosecution of the former president constituted an "in-kind contribution" to the Biden campaign that the campaign per FEC regulations should have disclosed.

Complaint filed with FEC

In the 21-page complaint filed with the FEC on Wednesday, America First Legal called for an "immediate investigation and enforcement action" against DA Bragg and the Biden for President campaign for alleged "direct and serious violations" of the Federal Election Campaign Act.

The complaint cited prior comments from President Biden about using all legal means at his disposal to prevent former President Trump's re-election and how Bragg "resurrected" the New York criminal case against Trump that his own predecessor, federal prosecutors at the Justice Department, and the FEC itself had all previously declined to pursue.

It further alleged that Bragg's "politically motivated prosecution" against Trump represented an "excessive contribution in the form of a coordinated expenditure" with the Biden campaign that was "knowingly accepted" by the campaign but not properly disclosed in required periodic FEC filings.

Coordination alleged between Bragg's office and Biden's campaign

The AFL's FEC complaint stated: "To influence the 2024 election, Biden and his allies have pursued lawfare to physically remove former President Trump from the campaign trail, drain his resources, harm his reputation, and potentially disqualify him from the ballot" -- a strategy that DA Bragg contributed to via his criminal prosecution of Trump.

It was noted how Bragg initially ran for his current office by touting his experience in prior legal fights against the Trump administration and how Bragg's campaign was supported by top Biden allies in the DOJ, including former senior DOJ official Matthew Colangelo who stepped down from his influential federal position to join Bragg's team as a lead prosecutor against Trump.

The complaint also pointed out how Attorney General Merrick Garland and the DOJ have refused to answer questions or turn over requested documents about any possible communications between Bragg's office and the DOJ about Colangelo specifically or the Trump prosecution more broadly.

Bragg's prosecution an "in-kind contribution" to Biden's campaign

The AFL's complaint went on to allege that DA Bragg's prosecution of former President Trump constituted an "in-kind contribution" and "coordinated expenditure" with the Biden campaign, in that it was done "in cooperation, consultation, or concert, with, or at the request of, a candidate," their authorized committee, or their allies.

Though it would be difficult to assign a dollar value to Bragg's prosecution of Trump, it would certainly be in excess of the $3,300 per election limit currently in place under FEC regulations -- an amount that Biden's campaign is prohibited from "knowingly accepting" per the FEC, and should have disclosed in public filings.

The complaint went on to reiterate in detail the "strong circumstantial indications" of coordination between Bragg's office and the Biden campaign to go after Trump, the presumptive GOP nominee and chief political rival of President Biden.

Evidence suggests a "substantially likely risk of coordination"

In a press release announcing the FEC complaint, AFL Vice President Dan Epstein said, "Questions from the media and Congress, coupled with the demonstrable evidence of influence from the DOJ, the Manhattan DA’s office, and Bragg’s financial supporters who later influenced the Biden Administration, creates a substantially likely risk of coordination between President Biden and Bragg."

"With the lawfare before the FEC against candidate and former President Donald Trump, it is important that the FEC take a hard look at the relationship between President Biden, his administration, and his political committees and the New York County DA’s Office’s political prosecution of the former President during a campaign year," he added.

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